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Stonehead with mother of pearl kind-of-effect from the Sahara Desert at Ethnix
in New York City. The collection contains works from 120 ethnic groups and
40 Countries.
Moment preserved by Richard Renda.
Ethnix Art. Maybe this is a Dream.
We know David - The Ethnix Art Explorer - for
almost a decade. Back from when we first
started non-linear computer editing for our TV
Show. It has been many years since we visited
with David. After focusing on the World of Leica
we were walking down Broadway and saw a
table out on the sidewalk. It said Ethnix. But
no one was outside, only the little table was
there. It was a Sign. An IDEA. The Editorial
Director said, "Let's Go Check It Out. Maybe --
David is upstairs." We rang THE BELL. A voice
said, who is it. We said "Totally Cool ." It
was. We heard joy and laughter on the other
side. The next adventure began and all this
happened. Hope you enjoyed the Adventure
with us. Happy Hoildays. The crew at Ethnix.
That's David up top.
ETHNIX Cultural & Tribal
Arts of every size and
Wishing you a warm
and healthy Season.
Toolhead smaller than the length of half of your thumb.
photo credit: Totally Cool
Huge Double Sphere
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