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Nikki Haskell's Star Diet published by Kensington Press features Nikki with some of
her notable pals. Here Nikki is with controversial Pop Star Michael Jackson at Studio
54, Diva Ivana Trump, and Actor / Song & Danceman Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs.
Okay, if someone takes a picture of you on any special Holiday, you now have a sense of
Style, but -- can you fit into the Clothes ? Or worse yet, before the Holidays you could fit
into your clothes and after the Holidays you can not ! So. Who's counting calories ?

Maybe we need
A Diet !
Hollywood celebrity
Nikki Haskell might
say, "You don't have
to be a Star to look
like one
." And she
proves it. Knowing
Nikki we can say she
is a fine looking lady.
With Nikki's Diet you
learn how the Stars
lose weight -- and
how they keep it off,
while having fun doing
it. Where do we find
this diet ? That is
easy. We are in the
book department.
Nikki has come out
with a book (featured
at right) that is the
tell tale to the trade
Nutritional experts
agree that Nikki's
star diet incorporates
a sensible -realistic-
way to establish new
eating habits which
can lead to a more
fulfilling enjoyable
Life. Nikki's Star Diet
does not limit you to
specific food groups.
You get a balanced
program, nutritional
advice that takes in
consideration Stress
Control. Nikki offers
fat burning exercises
with easy to follow
good tasting food
recipes. Now we can
fit into our clothes.
Actress / Supermodel Beverly Johnson says "The Star Diet ...
makes sense. It's easy and works fast. I live by it. It is the
only one that works for me." (photo by Sandy Simpson.)
photo by Roger Karnbad
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