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The MagaZine
Living in Philips style.
There are people in the world who do not know that Philips, the maker of quality
electronics, makes everything for the home from electric light blubs to toasters -
blenders - and coffee makers. Another story for the holidays and gift giving time.
This story is about THE BIG PICTURE and then seeing yourself in the mirror.
Philips is the first company to
make a commercial DVD Home
Entertainment Recorder. An item
that added to a better quality of
living. Well, the quality of living
just got even better: bigger -- with
Living Style in mind. Featured
here is the Philips "Vesuvio"
Circular Sofa with benches. It
integrates (has) a ceiling LCD
Projector and DVD player so you
can watch movies on the ceiling.
Imagine this as ... your bed.
The Philips Vesuvio has 2 layers of benches around the perimeter before you reach the center dream platform.
The Philips "Vesuvio" with its 2 layers of benches and center dream platform gets
innovative. It projects movies and images on the ceiling. The Philips Vesuvio
also comes in different formats: for public and private use. It just takes a little
imagination. Images by Lensperson Richard Renda.
images by Richard
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