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This is the 3-D Animation character "Gromit." He's leaving home. For the rain scene
in The Wrong Trousers, the animators super imposed live-action rain. The water
running down Gromit's coat is actually tiny blobs of glycerine which were animated
frame by frame.
Since The Books Are Open -- Create.
On a rainy day what you need is a good book.
But there are numerous people who do not like
to read. That problem is easily solved. All they
need then is a book with pictures that makes a
person want to read. A moving story could be
viewed, seen as ... a 3-Dimensional World.
This book is chock filled with visuals. A good read
that spans the range from Basic Needs to Making A
Film, from camera to storyboard. Chapters include
the 2 simple techniques -- Clay Animation and Object
Animation. Along with Models and Modelmaking, Set
Making and Set Design, and Animation Performance.
If you have a bored or restless child that has a video
camera, give them a book ... and they will Create.
3-D Animation sold in fine bookstores.
Creating. A 3-D Character.
For experienced and novice filmmakers alike, "3-D Animation" by Peter Lord and
Brian Sibley provides clear step by step instructions for making both simple and
sophisticated animated films.
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