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Like we said, if you are walking in Central Park on the eastside just north
of 65th Street ... Beware ... Beware ... you may wind up with all kinds of
paint on your face. Life has many ways of being colorful. Photo image
- captured moment - by Richard david Renda.
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images by
Richard Renda
A Happy
Birthday to
You !

New York City
Central Park
Doesn't that
rock formation
look like some
kind of animal ?
Well we are at the Zoo.
Central Park begins at the south end, on Central
Park South, which is 59th Street. Between 5th
Avenue and Central Park West (Columbus Circle).
The Park is the core of New York City where all
people are welcome. As you can see from the top
left picture shown above, children and parents
young and old can find plenty to do there. And my
squirrel friends do not mind all these people at all.
They may even feed us a little something from time
to time like nuts or cotton candy. Until recent years
Central Park used to be open to the public all the
time and in that vein we do Celebrate.
Here we are
at around
64th Street
and 5th
Avenue. The
formation of
rocks and
the Eagle
are seen as
you enter the
Central Park
Zoo. Pan
the boy
Piper and
his animal
friends are
one block
north at the
Zoo." If you
walk along
the path
further, you
may wind
up with
paint on
your face.
150 Years
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