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How intense can real magic be
It touches everyone ...
Wizards & Magic
As many parents, people, and governments in this modern age try to suppress real magic, mystical talent,
spirits, and the so much that comes from within -- they can do little to stop what will be exposed. Mystical
powers break out even more. And grow larger, more apparent. The huge demonstrations of what is Paranormal
comes from life itself speaking what it would have many individuals share. There comes a time when the whole
Earth becomes engulfed in all kinds of magic and the magic of a Wizard. Children who would normally be told
magic and mystical powers do not exist are now imagining what it could be like to do things that others say:
can't be done. The mix of real life and fantasy manifests. It does things in ways that evolve into what will be
even more profound. Tell a child there is no magic and now they will know -- oh yes there is. They might even
ask: Did you not see the 2 book covers featured above ??? On the left is the Magic for everyone, on the right
is the Magic for adults. Because ... adults need to have what is ... shown to them in a more dramatic way.
A traveler through Time and Space -
J. K. Rowling in a Sphere. Author of
Magic and Mystery. In the Age of
The Highest Order. In the World ...
of Harry Potter.
A Phenomenon. Even More
Above left is the 5th book to come forward in a series of what is said to be 7: "Harry
Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", and, above right also immediately above is the
cover created for the adult. Harry Potter is Published by Scholastic books.

Published by Scholastic books.
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