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In the outtakes department featured (into the future) is The SONIC power
toothbrush by Philips. The technology used in this little baby is sound -- sonic
waves that move the brush. Created to remove anything that does not belong.
It has 2 speeds and a timer also. Retails under $150.
(large view of Racer at bottom.) Images by R. Renda

Health Matters
Head to Toe
Age of the Magic Toothbursh.
Like using the manual toothbrush ?
That's okay. Don't throw it out yet.
Although, if you care about your well
being and that your health matters,
do the best thing you can do. Have
2 toothbrushes. The old fashioned
manual and one of new advanced
technology. Some people, young
and old, like to brush with a manual
brush and then do a final shine with
a unit like the Oral-B CrossAction
brush. Do the research. You have
a child that does not want to brush,
Crest has the spinbrush Racer and
other children's designs that make
brushing fun. You might think -- too
expensive. The Oral-B CrossAction
for one is under $ 7.00 -- not too
much to pay when Health Matters.
The Oral - B CrossAction Power
Power Racer
Toothbrush by Crest
For a more advanced power brush this is the Oral-B Pulsating Action toothbrush with high and low speeds plus
timer. Price range, depending on what model, all under $100. This Professional Care unit is unique because the
brush has a 3-D pulsating and oscillating action for deeper whiter cleaning. Sold in drug stores and retail outlets.
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