The Seiko Sportura watch collection was inspired by modern sportscar designs. The jet black dials
and non-reflective crystal gives the Sportura a clear legibility similar to that of dashboard gauges on
high performance automobiles. This is the watch worn by Talk Show host and comedian (who we
all love, makes us laugh) Jay Leno. If you know Jay, that makes sense. You know he is big in
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The MagaZine
"Kinetic Auto
Relay" watch
(also comes in
Sport Chronograph
model, not shown).
Under $500.
The Sportura
Titanium. Space
Age Material.
40% stronger,
30% lighter
than steel.
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Section 4
Section 3
Get Deep ... Perfect Timing.
Sushi anyone ? We love people who
feed us when we are working. We're City
Dwellers, we'll try the Sushi. Shrimp and
a California roll. Watch this.
When you mix the desire of getting deep and having good Timing at the same time you have to look at what you know.
The one thing most people know around the World is the name SEIKO ... Seiko watches. Seiko has a men's line of
watches that are perfect for going deep. Whether you are exploring New York waves in August, oceans of California
and Florida in January, or the sights at your gym -- poolside anytime of the year: going deep is in. Extremely. Profound.
This watch is a Big
favorite of the TC
Editorial Director.
When you see a
good shape it
never fails to catch
your eye.
Above are the Seiko
Divers. Water
up to 200
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