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LaLa Land
The Skaters. Every age group is included. Gender, race, religion do not play here. Only fun people
are allowed. Plus if you really want to learn how to perfect your skills on wheels these people meet
every week. What a thrill to watch the syncopated movement. There are staff on wheels to help
you. They can direct you to the professional instructors who are willing to hold your hand. Fulfill
your every dream. Captured moment by Richard Renda. (see pics below.)

images by Richard Renda
Happy Happy Birthday !

Central Park
As we move toward Fantasyland (Alice in Wonderland is where we are heading), Central Park is a haven for Talent
to shine. Try this statement: "Double Dutch." Children know exactly what we are talking about. But the adults, how
easily they forget. Until someone makes one bullet point statement. Then it all comes back to them. "Double Dutch."
That's right, jumping rope with two ropes. Even the men when they were little boys they too played with the girls.
Though they may not admit it - they jumped rope. And some were pretty good. You have to be a talented male to
keep up with the ladies. Something you learn as you grow up. This is no young lady here and she is so good at this.
New York City
Would you believe this ? We are in the Park on a Sunday
afternoon, by The Band Shell, on concrete and these couples
are "Ballroom Dancing" with the appropriate music playing in
the air jazzing things up. Seeing is believing.
If you want to see amazing talent you have got to see
these people on skates. Inline skates and "4 rollers."
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