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My Scrat friends heard you needed a guide to walk you through some of New York City's famed
Central Park. When I heard about this I was nuts. I wanted to do it. You know I live there. When
Mr. Cool entered the park I applied for the job. He took my picture and the rest was ... of course,
Totally Cool . Onward --
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New York
Central Park
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Editorial Music Credit:
New Beginnings
Richard Renda
Live from New York Avenue
New York City, the "City of the World", is celebrating an icon that has -without question-
endured the test of time and has endured the many changes that culture, society, and
government has gone through over a full one hundred and fifty years. From the 1800's to
the years of 2000 plus. From the years of no electric light bulb to the right angle "can ya
hear me now" cell phone generation. Central Park has survived it all. Hopefully in good
faith, humankind will not BLOW THEMSELVES UP and Central Park will be for hundreds
of years more so many children and adults can enjoy one of nature's grandest Wonders.
We here at Totally Cool stand up and applaud Central Park: "The 8th Wonder of the World." After all that
is said only one thing we can do now. Let's see what this is all about. Come, take a small journey with us.
In effect is The Beginning of The Great Adventure. Imagine that. 150 Years Old. Congratulation to the Park,
to Mother Nature, and to everyone who feels like this Park is part of the history of their Life. You do not have
to be in New York to be a New Yorker. Like the song says, it's a New York state of Mind. Sing "I'm in a New
York state of mind" (Billy Joel). And let the Journey begin !!! (on page photo credit: The Central Park Conservancy.)
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