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The MagaZine
Time For The Ladies. The watch with the face of a saint. This timepiece was inspired
by the Latin culture. It is called the Seiko "Lady Guadalupe." A vision of the virgin
Mary. That's deep. Spiritual minded. A big thank you to Stacey and Kathy (pictured
top center - left and right) and Jill Hammer for being in Time.
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Time For
The Ladies
If you feel your Pulse are you with it ? If you are wearing a Pulsar watch by Seiko you are. For a
change in Style Pulsar has the Ladies "Double time" timepiece. No, it doesn't go twice as fast. It
looks twice as good. The Double time collection features delicate links that can change from a
gold or stainless steel bracelet to a 2 tone bracelet with a simple twist. (starting around $100.)
Diamonds & Saints
images by Richard
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