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Google THIS !
Life is filled with strange coincidences,
perfect timing, and profound reasons
why things happen.
This is just a little story on the
subject. As the future unravels, later
we will have to do something bigger
on these people. What people ? The
Google people. And why ? Because
they are big. Not that they are big as
in "worldwide" (which they are), but
because they are BIG in the manner
that when you need to find something
-- if you know what you are looking for
The Google people will get you there.
In words no one can ever praise google enough ( We tip our hat in their direction. There are search
engines, and then there are Search Engines. Oh sure you can go out and subscribe to a fancy search service like
Nexus Lexis or pay up to $ 5000 a year so you can find things that most in the general public would not have access
to. For instance, one day someone close is talking with an attorney and while on the phone the attorney does a
search on the web. Next the attorney is talking about: "Spot the Lizard" who ran away from home -and- got shot by
an off duty cop with "2 Dithers In A Dear" circa 1982. How did he find that ? But for those of us in the general public
(the average person), what do we do when we want to find something ? We Google this ! So let's do
an "order of events." Now I have personally been google-ing things for years. And if you know the 2 "Magic Words"
(I am not going to tell you what they are) -- if you put them in front of a person's name or a subject -- if we did a story
relative: the works would immediately appear, with a little google. Then one day comes, I go to search a particular
photographer to locate his works - a particular angel - and I used the 2 magic words. Nothing comes up. That's
odd. Google always worked before. So then we try a few more names, with those 2 magic words in front of them.
Still nothing. I look a bit more. Nothing. I find the photographer's sites and other related sites on the subjects but
not that cool editorial site. Okay what is going on ? I contact The Google People. Very early in the morning.
Not long after, I get a response that they will look into my claim. After a couple (2) hours of sleep the day begins. I
see another email from the google crew. They are on it. By the time a cup of tea was finished, 9 a.m. the concern
was solved and we were finding everyone that we were looking for. Cool. Totally Cool . Could you imagine that --
Real people. And what we learned is that not only were The Google People real people: they were people who
cared. So when you are a person out in the world somewhere and you are looking for something: just type in, hit enter ... and the adventure begins. In effect, this story might be a big "thank you." But was that the
story ? NO. Well, not the whole story. This is. After all that, we did some research about and found all
kinds of fun things -- services they provide. They even offer people legitimate job opportunities. How cool ? It was
there we decided these google people ( needed a story told about them. A little cornerstone for history
to note. We decided we were doing one. That is where coincidence sets in. The editor-in-chief and I are attending
a press event (Philips). I am randomly taking pictures. Then weeks later as we are getting ready to put this story
together I am wishing I had a cool picture related to the story. What do I see staring me in the face ? The picture
above. The coolest. On the face of the Philips new "Pronto" remote control (a remote control unit that can run your
whole house ... and get you on the web) there it was "Google." Fun. But there is more fun. Then I take a short break
from the what has to get done and go visit some friends who I haven't seen in 18 years (Gail and Rick). I travel 30
miles to get there. Some hours later Gail (who has no idea we are doing anything on Google) says, "Do you want to
see something fun ---- on google ?" Next she types in "The End" and then said "hit the button on that
says: I'm feeling lucky." The power of coincidence in perfect form. When I finally found "The End", I learned some
thing else: there we begin a new beginning. Try it. You will love it. - type "the end" - click "feeling lucky."
"Google This" is written by Richard Renda. Admittedly, a longtime Googler. One day we'll have to tell
you the story about The Google Frito Lays / Hot Air Balloon Fashion Shoot story. Next time. It took us
around the World and back.
Now I will say it: ", Thank you." And to The Google People (the
google crew) know that out in this Universe ... someone loves you. Keep up the good work. We will keep the
faith. Lots of Love from everyone at Totally Cool - The official U.S. registered trademark 1996. TM - 1994.
Then Gail says, "okay try this, at type in weapons of mass destruction, click: I'm feeling lucky." When
you read the whole page -- well, check it out one day. Want to really see what The Google People are about ... go
to bottom of page and click "services & tools" - go to the bottom of that page, click "all about google."
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The Google Chef
making a Google Lunch
Having Google Lunch
A weekly Google
hockey game
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