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The MagaZine
Henry Dunay, Master Jeweler ... Master Artist. Featured above is Henry's
one-of-a-kind creations, "The Ides of March." Photograph courtesy of
Linda Goldstein.
ArTist at Work !

Some say "Master
Jeweler." Some
say "Master Artist."
We say ...

Henry Dunay.
Henry Dunay is one of the
finest Jewelers in all the
World (and he rates pretty
high in all the Universe).
But what is amazing about
Henry Dunay's pieces and
his work is: you are lucky if
you get to see it, especially
the really good stuff. The
stuff where Henry puts his
Soul into it. The reason
why much is not seen is
because as soon as
Henry creates something
or starts to think about
creating something
someone buys it. From
that point in time, it might
be that a particular piece
will not be seen by the
public for decades . A
smart person with money
like the Kings, Queens,
and Shieks of the Earth
would then make Henry's
Works of Art part of their
estate collection or part of
The Royal Jewels.
The only next time
you might see that
same Dunay piece
again is when some
person's private
Collection goes on
Henry Dunay, a Legend in his own time
... a time that is: forever.
The Ides of
Henry Dunay's one-of-a-
kind enchanting object
d' art features the face of
Brutus and Caesar hand
carved in Aquamarine.
Their profiles emerge
from ancient ruins in
18k gold and pav'e
diamonds. Engraved at
the foot of the majestic
ionic column bears the
expression "The Ides of
March", which refers to
the 1st Roman calendar.
Henry Dunay's "Ides of
March" sits on top of an
oval pedestal made from
rock crystal.
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