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Section 1:
outtakes and misc.
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Congratulations goes out to everyone at BILLABONG ... because you are all winners
and survivors in our book. May the Universe be with you always. Big "thank yous"
to Bill Sharp and Kim Peterson for all your help. Featured here (and at bottom) is
some "Bonus Action" from Billabong. Those are not hands you see there. Those
are legs and feet ! Think about it. Now Look --
The MagaZine
Section 4
Section 3
The Billabong Awards
The Best of the Best
The 2003 Billabong Gobal Big XXL
Wave Award for Best Overall
Performance goes to Garrett
McNamara on the Hawaiian surf
(shown here on page). Garrett at top
left: on the Wave. Top right: Garrett
with hands raised, joyous he made
! Center: Garrett being pulled onto
the wave. Beneath is Garrett doing it.
Images courtesy of
the folks at BILLABONG
Garrett McNamara won a $ 5000 prize for
the Best Overall Performance category.
Bonus Action ... the "MONSTER WAVE" ... courtesy of Mother Nature and your friends at Billabong.
Do you think it is easy to get the
images you see or for a Surfer to
get on top of these waves ? They
are 60 to 70 feet high. Powerful.
To capture these images, this
happening, you need a Chopper.
For the surfers to get up top, a
rider on a Waverunner jet ski
pulls them into position. Gnarly.
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