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1500 year old chocolate. This chocolate sample is one of the oldest known to
science. Chemical analysis found cacao in this residue which came from a
ceramic vessel dating back to 435 A.D. -- This sample was found in a tomb
believed to be that of the first Maya King of Copan. (Clark bar shown below.)
Images by Richard Renda.
Moving away from ancient times -- Spanish explorers brought
cacao back to their homeland and added one ingredient:
sugar. Then the spicy cacao became a sweet beverage and
that is when cacao becomes Chocolate. The popularity of
chocolate swept across Europe. Keeping up with the demand
for the sweet delight took the work of millions of people to
tend, havest, and process both the sugar and the cacao.
From the early 1600's until the late 1800's enslaved people
provided most of the labor. They became the inexpensive way
for plantation owners to produce the large quantities devoured
by the public's insatiable appetite.
The Industrial Revolution brought on new techniques and
inventions in chocolate manufacturing including Dutch tins,
novelty molds, and chocolate bars. And of course, a whole
new chapter in advertising history. The Museum's exhibition
also explores the myths of chocolates, effects of chocolate
on our health, and how chocolates play a major role in
Holidays around the world -- from Easter to Valentine's Day.
Feel like having a piece of chocolate yet ? Sorry, have to
pause a moment. Got to go have a Godiva chocolate covered
Cherry. Ummmm ... that was good. (Courtesy of the cool
people at the American Museum of Natural History in New
York City.) Okay, we're back.
Reading an old Snicker's Bar wrapper this is what istsays:
"Only the finest ingredients are used in this Mars confection.
Mouth-melting caramel made with rich cream - Sweet peanut
butter made fresh every morning - Carefully chosen whole
nuts toasted -- all covered over with rich milk chocolate. To
be sure of Satisfaction." 5 cents. The Clark bar wrapper had
an offer if you sent in 12 wrappers they sent you free gum.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
Really SWEET
- Natural History -
The World Of Chocolate
The Museum of Natural History
in New York City.
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