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Section 1:
The MagaZine
This is a BIG Box of Candy. Actually it is a Wall. No, you can not take a bite out of the wall.
On display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City June 7 thru September 7, 2003.
"Chocolate" on Central Park West between 77th and 81st Street. (tee shirt featured at
bottom). A special "thank you" to the museum and everyone in the communications / public relations
department. It is the heartfelt person that grows up in life with great love for all our natural histories.
images by Richard Renda.
Something Really Sweet
- Natural History -
The World Of Chocolate
The American Museum of Natural History.
Well, if we are going to "Take You There" -- we are
going to take you there. And that means a stop in
The Chocolate Shop. Chocolate has come a long
way in this new millennium. Chocolate pasta,
chocolate tea, chocolate bath salts, every thing
chocolate -- even a C is for Chocolate Murder
Mystery jigsaw puzzle. How sweet it is !
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