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This is the beginning. Ummmm ... Chocolate. Enter. The American Museum of
Natural History in New York City.
At bottom are vessels (cups) used for
drinking Cacao in Ancient times.
Images by Richard.
For thousands of years
before Chocolate was a
sweet tasty candy it was a
Spicy drink that was served
during religious ceremonies
and Royal events.
Chocolate at The
American Museum
of Natural History in
New York City
If you are in New York City
visiting or looking for fun
activities to do stop by the
Museum and experience the
many wonders you will find
there. But for all the people
who can not come to New
York City we would like to
bring it to you. And give
you a taste of what it is all
about. Totally Cool :
"Takes You There." Hey
anyone seen my Snickers
bar ?
When you first enter the
"Chocolate" exhibit you
see a rainforest. A large
cacao tree greets you with
a display of the cacao nut
and what comes from them
(shown at left).
Some of the earliest known
chocolate drinkers were the
Ancient Maya of Central
and South America.
images by Richard.
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