As you experience the adventure of Central Park you have to know to definitely look around.
Because in the many places tucked away in the trees or high on top of some rock formation is the
hidden treasures, like this Crow's Nest pictured here. A view and perspective you may have not seen
before. Just because you can not see it does not mean it is not there. That rule applies to many of
the mysteries in the Universe. (Music Credit: Special thanks to Ronald Pasquini (Jr.) on Bass Guitar.
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New York City
Central Park
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150 years old ...
Eh, sonny ... what did you say -- at a hundred and fifty years old we don't hear you so
well. What did you say ? You want to stop people from having fun, being themselves, or
climbing to higher heights ? Not in this park. New York City's Central Park was always
open All The Time until some mayor named Rudy something or other began his age of
government control. He even tried to tell museums what they could show to the public
and what they could not. New York City is a place where Freedom is most respected --
not meant to be restricted by -any- ball and chain politicians. Remember ? 150 years.
When you come to Central Park you will see all different types of people. People that come out to sit and baste in the
sun, some that enjoy the tranquility of the birds and the bees and nature's things that sing, and people testing their
skills against the challenges, or showing off their talents to make someone smile. The simple gifts in Life which only
carries one price. The price of getting there. On this page is the modern day Minstrel playing his guitar alone on a
bench, a woman getting a cell phone sun tan, the children climbing, and a man juggling it all. (Our squirrel Guide is
chasing some nut.) We are walking north along the east side of the park.
photo credit:
Richard Renda
Central Park, New York City. 150 years old. Happy Happy Birthday ! Photo images by Richard Renda.
Just take a walk through the park and THIS IS some of what you Will See. But if you can not get
there to see it ... we are happy to bring it to you. Of course. For your pleasure. More cool-ness.
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