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One Step Ahead ...
Warren Edwards Shoes
7 years go by and still I do not see
Warren. I ask people. Some say his
store is on Park Avenue in the 30's,
some say in the 60's. But no one pin
point the address for me. One grey
rainy day I am up on Madison Avenue
at a Press Event. I decided to walk to
the TC Base. I turn off Madison, east
on 60th Street, and walk across Park
Avenue. I lift my head to see where I
am walking. In front of me is a store
awning stretching out to the curb. It
says "Warren Edwards." I think, "Can't
be any other Warren Edwards." I was
standing in front of a shoe store. So, I
am standing curbside thinking "Wonder
how Warren is doing." What happens,
at that very moment, Warren walks out
the door to go to the Art Store. Timing.
There are 2 great stories here. In 1995 when 7th on Sixth, the New York
Fashion Runway Shows were only a year old, there was a young Fashion
Designer (Han Feng) who needed shoes for girls to wear at her Runway
Show. Warren was kind enough to loan her "Sexy Strappy Shoes" for all
the girls. The shoes were beautiful. A writer for the New York Post (Sarah
Fergeson), who obviously knew nothing about Fashion, trashed Warren's
shoes. She said that: "Sexy Strappy Shoes" were not in. How wrong she
was. They were so in then, so in now, and so in forever in the future. Could
you imagine Life without Ladies in sexy strappy shoes ? Warren then
made himself a pair of boots something like the ones above. But the
studs were too hard to get and the Boot did not reach production. I asked
Warren to make me a pair. I waited 6 months for them. They became such
a hit that Axel Rose of Guns n' Roses also had a pair made. The rest is
History. In the future, when I die, I am dying with my boots on. The Warren
Edwards boots. Oh and by the way, Susan Bennis did have more kids.
Now she has 7. You want the best ? Stay ... one step ahead ... of the rest.
Warren Edwards shoes
are made from the finest
materials in the World
with over 300 different
leathers and colors.
What we enjoy the most
these days is the ladies
shoes include a leopard
printed leather that is
used on the inside of the
shoe and on the soles of
the shoe. The Warren
Edwards signature.
The Warren
studded boot
for men and
women in calf
leather (shown
at very bottom
in Alligator).
Warren Edwards footwear designs leather shoes, baby calf nappa, kid, lamb, alligator, and ostrich in
300 colors. Men's footwear $395 - $1500. Women's footwear $395 - $2100. There are 2 pair of shoes
sitting in the closet that are over 10 years old. They are worn in the rain, in the snow, in all sorts of
terrain. They look like they are 3 or 4 months old. They were made by Warren Edwards. Like
wearing a Museum piece. Something to learn here ? Sure. The meaning of ... quality lasting
a lifetime. Sometimes -- you get -- what you pay for.
The studded boot in black alligator. Footwear by Warren Edwards.
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