Genius of invention: creation, imagination. Above is the lower half of the
Chocolate Mint Flapper Dress made with Malted Milk Balls at "The" Museum
of Natural History in New York City, Central Park West between 77th and 81st.
Images by Richard.
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Section 1:
The MagaZine
And Now For Something
Really SWEET
- Natural History -
The World Of Chocolate
The Museum of Natural History
in New York City.
Lower left: reporters writing something Sweet, instead of the hard core news (rapes, murders, and buildings burning down.) This
is a good thing. Also featured below are the Chocolate Corset and the Chocolate Flapper Dress. Ummmm ... getting hungry --
The man on the right is being served
breakfast. Still he can not put the phone
down. Funny. What did people do with
that time before they had cell phones ?
They used to use that Time to Think. No ?
The American Museum of Natural History
in New York City between 77th and 81st
Streets on Central Park West held a press
event to announce their exhibition: Cacao,
"Chocolate" in Gallery 3 on the 3rd floor
June 14 to September 7.
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Section 3
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