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Royal Drinking Vessel with chocolate inlay at The American Museum of Natural
History on Central Park West in New York City. Images by Richard.
Something Really SWEET
The World Of Chocolate
The Museum of Natural History
in New York City.
... to Die for.
Some people take their
Chocolate really Seriously.
Literally, to die for. Here is
a coffin in the shape of a
cacao pod.
In many cultures, death is a
time of sorrow and a time to
celebrate the achievement of
a person's life. A coffin like
this is commisioned from
Kane Kwei's workshop in
Accra, Ghana for successful
cacao farmers.
From the tree comes
the pod and in the pod
is the cacao nut.
Royal Vessel with Chocolate
cacao inlay. The symbols are an
ancient written language. Look
for the center symbol cacao (kah
Kow). It tells us that this cup was
meant to hold Chocolate. The
other symbols tell us this vessel --
belonged to a King.
images by Richard.
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