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Photo: here the Fiji Water company sponsored the breast cancer
"Race for the Cure" in Palm Beach, Flordia. For information on more
event dates and locations --
We're Talkin' WATER Here.
For the many ... it is considered: The Best in the World.
And you can have some of it -- for -- a small price.
Instead of having to spend thousand of dollars, go
through Customs, do the passport routine, plus travel
half way around the World, you can have that whole
experience in one little bottle. How ? Try a cold bottle
of Fiji Water and you will think you are there. And you
get to skip all the hassle. The Fiji Water Company has
it happening in your local stores (around the globe).
"The Taste of Paradise."
The MagaZine
Fiji 6 Pack.
Or for larger
gatherings you
can get the box,
The Fiji Party
Lower left - Fiji Water
headquarters on Fiji Island.
Let's talk water here. The Fiji Water company not only
brings you crisp clean natural artesian water from the Fiji
mountians, they bring you one of the finest examples of
what is called: "Living Water." Within the last 15 years,
advanced digital technology has enabled biophysical
scientists to discover new scientific properties of natural
water. It has been proven that untreated natural spring
water is more than just a chemical composition. It is a
living element. Initial biophysical testing and analysis with
FIJI Water has shown that this artesian spring water would
be characterized as a unique "LIVING WATER", which can
be compared with the known and significant abilities of
"Holy Healing Waters" in Lourdes, France or Fatima,
Portugal. The pristine ecosystem of the Fiji Islands not only
guarantees a unique natural purity, but its electromagnetic
field frequency enables FIJI WATER to stimulate our human
self-regulation system. In comparison to tap water, which
is in biophysical terms "DEAD WATER", the surface tension
of pure natural artesian waters is almost equal to the water
in our cells. Tap water can be effected by up to 4,000
different chemicals with harmful and toxic side-effects.
Most water will roll off a duck's back. Living water will
absorb into its feathers. The unique amount of the mineral
silica in FIJI WATER is an important factor that sets it apart
from other natural waters. In biochemistry, silica is known
for its abilities to strengthen our physical and mental being.
The silica in FIJI WATER occurs in an ionised colloidal
form, which means it can more easily enter into the cell
system of our bodies.
At right: The Fiji Water
Company is also a proud
sponsor of Sporting Events,
Fashion Shows, and
Community Oganizations.
When you have a bottle of
Fiji water you know you are
getting something good.

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