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Nothing To Hide
Live from The Runway
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The MagaZine
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A Magazine Alive
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
"A Day and The Life of a Model" - The Model Portfolio. Lady in Pink.
Fusion Models, NYC. Photograph of Martinique by photographer
Joe Williamson.
The Girl Next Door
When a stylist saw this model she
said, "That's one HoT Momma !"
That's right Ladies. Move Over
-- and make a little room. This
is Martinique. But . . .
This is not just some Hot Momma. Aside from Martinique being the Sweetie that she is -- beware,
this woman has brains and a mind ... and ... guess what ? She uses them. Martinique looks at the
World with her heart, as a human being who cares. She has dignity and pride. And she knows the
meaning of the word "integrity." Sitting with Martinique you may realize there is much more to her
then meets the eye. She has a good understanding of Life, Love, Religion, and what family should
be. She learns each moment of every day since that is the level of intellect where she feels most
comfortable. She also loves many of nature's simple wonders -- the sound of the ocean waves along
the shore -- the blossoming of flowers in the Spring -- and the joy of children playing. A great movie
or a good book rate high on her list of likes. Her dislikes are people who would spend their time
arguing instead of using compassion. Martinique's sense of spirituality and religion goes beyond the
dogmatic rules. She sees the Universe works in mystical ways in concert with a higher power. What
some call The Highest Order. Paranormal events and coincidences intrigue Martinique instead of
causing her to fear, like most would. Fiction is just a story. Reality is what happens. Her musical
appreciation has a range that goes from Salsa to Def Leppard to Classical. Martinique enjoys
clothes and loves the runway. You may have even seen her in a Skechers campaign. Born in L.A.
Martinique went to John Muir High School in Pasadina and has done time in college at Johnson &
Wales University in Rhode Island. This is a Lady to watch. A Lady to know about. Going forward.
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