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outtakes and misc.
Martinique has all the qualities of a classic runway model. She stands tall (over 5' 10''), speaks
well, is in good shape, can walk a straight line, and has a good personality. Personality is a
plus for runway models. Photo credit: photographer Yoshi Park. Stylist Marcus Blassingame.
Tear sheet -- Black Man, Black Woman Magazine June / July 2003. Special thanks to Jodie at
Fusion Models, NYC.
The MagaZine
A Model's Profile
Since we were on the subject of
Sweet. This is sweet -- Fusion.
"A Day and The Life
of a Model."
This is
In the real world of
High Profile Fashion
Modeling no one ever
said it was "easy." It
takes dedicated work
and performance.
Some think what it
takes is physical
beauty. When Eileen
Ford was asked what
she looks for in a
Model she said, the
physical beauty is
only 50 percent of
what it takes. The
other 50 percent is
what she called: "the
X factor." Personality,
brains, determination.
That is proved by
enduring the test of
time. The learning to
do it right. Here is a
tear from Martinique's
Portfolio as history
takes note of "Black
Man Black Woman
Magazine." Courtesy
of Fusion Models.
For those who do not
know what a "Tear"
is, it is called a: "tear
sheet." A page from
a Magazine, photo
shoot, or published
works that is suitable
to be included as
part of a collection to
any artist's work --
whether they are a
Fashion Stylist, Hair
& Make-up expert,
professional Model,
writer, photographer.
photo by Yoshi Park
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