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Mirror Mirror on the Wall. The Philips Flat Panel mirror Television is available in a
number of different styles to accommodate a variety of classic periods of home
living funishings. (Larger view of the personal Heart Defibrillator - electric shock
machine shown below.)
Images by On The Spot reporter Richard Renda.
Mirror mirror on the Wall who's the most
stylish of them all ??? You have got to
give it to the Philips electronic, home,
personal appliance company this time.
How do I look ? Let us reflect on it. Just
a minute. Hold on. Do you think you are
looking at an old world framed mirror.
You are in a sense. Then again, no you
are not. Not really. You are looking at
the latest in Flat Panel TV. That's right.
That mirror you think you are looking at
is really a television. Did anyone mention
anything about this generation being in
the Age of The Jetsons. You are there.
In case you hadn't noticed.
Living in Philips style.
The price of these modern marvels are
also reaching an age where they are
becoming affordable for middle class
income families, as well as the wealthy
elite. Featured here we see the stylish
55" widescreen screen rear projection
television with slim design. A widescreen
TV that has HD picture quality and is only
inches thick, taking up virtually no space
at all. Try playing a video game on that !
Did someone say -- when they watch a
movie they want to be so close they feel
like they are in it ? With this television
anything is possible.
Do you want a tid bit of information that
will light up your life ? Many people do
not know that when New York City drops
the Waterford Crystal Ball in Times Square
on New Year's Eve it is Philips light bulbs
that make it shine. Do you have heart
problems ? Philips has a Home Defibillator.
Need a little Boom in your box, in your life. Take a look at the
new line from Philips. Found in stores throughout the Galaxy.
The Philips Travel and Home personal Heart Defibrillator. The machine that can save a life.
Clear ! ! !
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