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This is an interesting story. To say the least ! HEALTH MATTERS.
End of Report. The Insider Files. A subject for many to talk about.
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
copyright 2003
All rights reserved.
A Cold Sore ... or worse. Do you need help ? This is a sharing of information (only). The story of
people. And the interaction. Hopefully someone will get something out of it. All we can do is share the stories
and experiences. No medical advice will be given here. Make your own decisions. The purpose is to share
what others have gone through, what they have found, and what were the outcomes for those concerned.
The start of this Adventure begins a long time ago. But then when the West Nile virus appeared in Mosquitos
at the end of the summer 1999 we were some of the first to be at the front line (what we called "ground
zero") researching the beginning of something new. What was so strange during the Mosquito West Nile
Virus investigation is a word that had appeared 15 years before that was now again re-appearing for another
interesting reason. It was "Ribavirin." A drug that is made by an American manufacturer, that is sold over the
counter in other countries, and is said to cure herpes Simplex. What makes the story more profound is You
Can Not purchase this drug in the United States (even though it is made by a U.S. company). Now Ribavirin
was talked about again. Why ? Because it is one of the only treatments known to EFFECTIVELY combat
the deadly mosquito West Nile Virus. At that time (1999 - 2000), when the issue was raised about this little
known drug, some people revealed that I knew a lot about it. More than most of the general public. Not
because I needed it or was involved. But because from 1979 through 1985 I had done a health study called:
"Viral Strains and Its Unsuspecting Victim." It was, in short, about adult negligence turning a blind eye
while two wildly dangerous viruses were exploding and changing Human Life as we knew it. What was
happening then was the Simplex viruses were causing a reconstruction of human skin and the A.I.D.S. virus
was killing people of ALL AGES, RACES, GENDERS, and RELIGIONS. So another long story short ... in
1985 I stuck my 2 cents in and forced the American Government to tell all the world A.I.D.S. is a danger to
every human being. Not just IV drug users, Gays, and Haitians. The media was finally encouraged via the
CDC to participate in getting the word out. And the U.S. Government did send a 4 page pamphlet into every
mailbox and household in the Country
. Nothing more need be said. The job was done no matter what the
cost. The World then became all the wiser, and safer. That was Spring 1986.
However, educating the public on the dangers of A.I.D.S. was only one aspect of the health investigation. It
was motivated by the desire to keep people from prematurely dying or losing a grand life they could have had.
The other aspect of this health project expose' was about: the living. And the preserving what we had in this
so dangerous World, the very skin we live in. Sexually transmitted deseases (STD) can be very serious. As
they can make a person's life miserable. People need truthful infomation to remain safe. Not: spin doctoring.
Now to have this make sense and to put it all together. When my associates and I looked at the the West
Nile Virus projections in 2000, and the remedies: it opened the can of worms. Some Magazine and Editorial
people added 2 + 2. That brought them to the source of knowledge and history. It brought them to me. A
couple of articles in the Summer of 2000 were written by other editorial content providers on an electronic
clip-on mosquito repellent we knew about for years and actually worked. It was then that my knowledge on
the subject of Ribavirin was again revealed, in play. Since that time even more people write looking for some
direction, any information I can share that might help them in what -for many- can be a mind bending crisis.
I try to answer all those that I can. Yet, so many others want to know. Here we are going to raise some of
the email questions that are most important and publish them. And then we will go into the file and pull from
some writings (the communiques with these people). A private insider look at what would never be seen ...
the file. It should answer some questions people have. Here we will talk a bit about the Ribavirin product.
And also the Lysine diet (as an avenue of alternative help). First how did we get here ???
This story has never really been told. It also involves murder -- and mayhem. But we will skip that part for
now. I am going to be very limited on information regarding -- the who and the where -- of the peoples
involved. So communities do not become affected more than they have.
by Richard david Renda
please note: if the background music is distracting
for this story, turn your volume down all the way.
Tavern on The Green, NYC.
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