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Charlie Brown coming from Sabina. (Lots of fun and true.) Don't want little boys (or little
girls) to think there is something wrong with being who you are. Heather appears courtesy of; Mikayla -; and Ashley - --
Section 1
Section 3
Section 2
Section 4
Section 3:
Mikayla is
a mile high
model - 6' 4",
however ...
Mikayla is a mile
high model with
... BIG feet, size
14. Beautiful
The World Gets REALLY Big at this point.
Hi ! I'm Ashley. You'll get to meet me in just
a moment. As we go down. On the page.
See that adorable female to the right ?
That is Heather. Some people say she is "the Tallest woman in the world." She's not - but she is part of this
very big world. With shoes on Heather is 7 foot. She's not just a Big Icon. She is actually a lovely person
too. Cute. That's her sitting lower right. In 1976 an American, Sandy Allen, set the Big record for tallest.
Sandy is 7 foot tall, without shoes. That's Mikayla on the left. Mikayla fits in Big, real Big. Nature Unique.
Okay. Now you get to meet me. I'm Ashley. I am part
of this Big World also. Although I am not as big, not as
tall as Mikayla or Heather. But I am an Amazon Super
Model. That's big ! I have very big legs ... l -- o -- n -- g
Legs. My inseam is a 40 inch inseam. That's a long
way down. Well this proves it. It IS a Big World out
there. Glad you're part of it. Totally Cool
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