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Through the Eyes of Science
I was a pain in the ass (to put it mildly). A few times a week I would go by Mark's corner and remind him I
was watching. During this health investigation I did a lot of research. Remember the friend -- the first one
who was sick and caught my attention ? I used that case study and some others to perfect what would later
be known as The Lysine Diet. It was based on a certain amino acid that boosts the human body's own
natural defenses. This diet cleared up cold sores, no matter how heavy. And there was no other help that
people were getting from the medical community. The perfected Lysine Diet made it so individuals could
lead relatively normal lives. Many people who had the Simplex 1 or Simplex 2 virus were actually being told
by doctors and other officials they did not have it. And in turn they would go out and infect more people.
Like I said in the beginning, this is a long important story and this is the short of it. Then one late night the
phone rang. It was actually 1:30 a.m. in the morning (EST). The male caller on the other end said he was
going to Kill himself, commit suicide. I asked the caller why and he said, "Because I believe what you told
me 6 months ago is true." It was Mark, the drug dealer. He was a mess. And very upset. He had infected
so many people that now I would find out it included his own suppliers and their families. Okay, here ...
understand this. A kid goes out. Parties a little that evening. Goes home that night with the munchies. He
or she goes straight to the refridge, slugs on some orange juice right from the container, and walks away.
Then the little brother or sister gets up and goes to that same container. They slug on the juice and put their
lower lip to the outside of the carton. Need I say more. Want another ? Someone with a split lip or a
bloody sore on the inside of their lip goes and brushes their teeth in the morning. After that everyone in the
family is getting the toothpaste from the same tube of paste that the person with the open cold sore just ran
their toothbrush across. Getting the idea ? The uncontrolled environment. Or how about something so
simple and so special as a Kiss now becoming dangerous. Especially, if you kiss a newborn.
I told Mark that killing himself was not the answer. I would help him help himself but I wanted something in
return. I went over to his mom's house. (She was a nurse. Lot of good that did. She was seasoned in one
thing. She believed in the cover-up. He could hurt her reputation if this got out.) When I looked at Mark I
can only say his case of oral herpes looked like Simplex 2, not Simplex 1. It was too violent. I only want to
describe this once. You can do your own visuals. When I looked at Mark it looked like someone had come
over to him, took a scapel, and cut away (lifted right off) the whole top layer of skin on his bottom lip --
completely -- from left to right -- bloody, raw, disgusting, and dripping. It was going to take wonders to bring
this back to normal. But nothing is impossible, nothing. Before I gave him the information I had gathered
on this subject and a Lysine diet schedule I asked for the thing I wanted in return in exchange for my help. I
wanted to know truthfully how many people this one person, how many people did he infect "personally." I
knew it was bad and I needed to know: how bad. Mark told me flat out. He infected at least "50,000 people
directly" and personally with this violent strain of Virus. He went on to say, "not including all the mothers
and fathers and children or grandparents in their families." I knew this was true. Through others I had met
the drummer that played in Mark's band. And his whole family was infected, including his little sister. Next
would have been the newborn if I had not interrupted. Mark was crying. Need I say. He was crying a lot
and in trauma. Not because he himself was sick, but because he hurt all those people. He was sorry he
did not listen to me when I first came to him 6 months earlier. I put him on the Lysine diet. And within a
week he was looking more like a human being, a healthier human being. Great Grandma always said, "If
you don't have your health, you have no future." Well the Future was about to be saved.
The health study continued to go forward. Some people had heard of my work and decided to help me help
other people. They had information. They were from certain industries. Wall Street and Pharmaceuticals.
I had also raised the issue with this particular drug dealer, Mark, regarding his complete disregard for other
people's lives. He did not care. For Mark it was about selling a pound of Thai weed a day in eighth ounces
(128 sales a day) minimum. 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Year after year. This guy was so busy on
that corner that 2 years after the movie was out he did not know who "ET: The Extraterrestial" was.
The Story Continues
The MagaZine
Amino Acid Lysine. Directions do not speak of anything other than as: a dietary supplement. They
say 3 tablets (500 mg) 3 times a day on an empty stomach. They must be kidding ! Note the fine
print: "DAILY VALUE NOT ESTABLISHED". The Admission (mandatory).
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