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The real box. ICN Ribavirin

- A Local Alternative -
Lysine - read it for yourself:
Daily Value not established.

Learn all that you can learn.
Be alive.

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The product "vilona" and amount you will want / need could be 200 dollars at 40 dollars a box (and that is a
very good price). 60 to 80 dollars a box is the higher end. A smart shopper would look around a bit. It is
all about someone making a profit. I am not here to make a profit in anyway. I profit when I can help some
one get to a better place and enjoy their life. That is all I ask of the Universe. I have had friends that are
very open with me and the below the belt thing I realize can be very heavy. It is all a heavy head trip no
matter how ya look at it. Stay cool. You'll be okay. Try the Lysine diet the way I gave it to you and watch
the results over a ten day period. If you start to get a buzzing feeling in your lip -stick to the diet- and boost
the intake back to 1 500mg 2x a day for a few days and you Will Be alright. But no matter what, stay on
the diet (to the letter) every day for maximum results. I usually tell friends and associates I never want
anything for the things I do to help people, except send me a christmas card every now and then and a
rose when I die. Good enough for me. I do wish you lots of luck. Although this is all about facts, not luck.
Old friend. (PS: It was me through scientific research who created The Lysine Diet for people in 1982.
And the word got around. There was no ribavirin then and these people really needed help. SO they got
my attention. Go watch a good movie and relax. Stress is your greatest enermy. It will make you go
active with the snap of the fingers. Keep stress levels down and out of your life. By the way, it's "Richard"
... not Rich or Richie. I am particular about that. The Little things in Life. It tells me who my friends are.)
Dave wrote:
Hey one more thing ... I mentioned Ribavirin to my doctor and he acted like he never heard of it. I have
his home email. I asked him if he read the info I sent him on it and he said he didn't get my emails. I'm a
little suspicious of his truthfulness. I told him about the hanta virus and he knew about that. He said they
may have used Ribavirin because people were dropping dead but that it probably screws up your health
otherwise they would use it for everyone. It makes me feel like you can't trust anyone. He kinda avoided
the subject. It goes back to that special interest kinda thing I guess where you only get to know what they
want you to know, I guess.
The Reply from Richard ... Subject: special interests - you got it -- Date: Nov. 7, 2002
And now you understand it well. Sorry it was me that had to bring all this revelation to you. But now you
are what I call: "All the wiser." That doctor does not know what he is talking about. (Regarding these
subjects, most do not.) Remember what I said to you. They are part of the system. Not really there to help
you. But instead there for their own best interest. Someone gets a bill. Tell that Doctor, they were not
"Just dying" It was an intense Epidemic Hot Spot that could have exploded into a National crisis. The
ribavirin saved their ass, and ours. Had it spead any further: 100's of millions of people, men, women, and
children could have lost their chance at this life and died. Sure many people would use it, if they knew
about it and could get it. Big Brother hurt me very bad for releasing this information years ago. But that
was okay. They were hurt back. Remember, the U.S. also believes going to War and killing people solves
something too. Use your own brains. And now you have really seen your doctor in action. Do not trust
anyone with your future. What makes me different -- why you can trust all that I tell ya ??? My motive
should tell you everything. I will not send a bill in the morning. And I do know 10 times more than most
doctors, in this subject. I did an underground interview with Dr. Krim (AmFar) a few years back that we
aired on TV here in Manhattan. She was quite amazed. I knew as much as she did. She is a foremost
molecular mircobiologist in the subject of viral strains. I am probably one of the only people in this whole
World that anyone can trust. And I do not lie. Make a practice of that. The human race has to have
someone -at least one person- they can believe in, and it not be a false belief. I am what the Courts have
coined (on the record) "True to form." Sleep well. Remember: no drinking. Very important. None. Have
juice and water. Lipton tea is good to relax on. I love to watch a doctor squirm ... when you know more
than they. And right now: you do ! ! ! You owe me nothing. Just look up at the nighttime sky and say
"Dear God: Thank you." Because someone does care. I Think the Universe will be happy with that alone :)
Through The Eyes of Life and ... Science
Most Vitamins should not be taken in excess or over
long long periods of time. May cause stress to livers,
kidneys, and bladder among other complications.
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