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End of Report
It is sad that today a relationship is physically a danger. And you can't see the danger. And the lies that
go with it to cover up. All trouble. This World does not value what Nature gave them as they should. They
are willing to destroy lives because theirs is screwed up. But keep the faith. Energies are at work now,
like me. And life will move everything to a better place than what people have made of the World to date.
But it may get a little bumpy along the road. Remember: Skin is sensitive and is something that must be
respected. Also remember, when a combination of viruses get into the body that does even other things.
So just take care. And if you have anymore girlfriends get a 10 year resume first or next time your penis
may fall off. And then how will you feel ? Ouch ! Do the best you can and try to be a little happy. Some
one is fighting to make the World a better place. When the blind play the "getting ahead" game -- how far
can they get ??? No matter what life was in the past, it is ... Your life now. So, go forward and let the
trash be trash. If you find something good there -- all the better. Otherwise, now it is "your life." Not that
of the people you have come from. "Your" life. Treat it well. And the Universe will never forget. It is all a
test to see what you are made of. So shine before that Universe ... even when you think you can not. I am
glad you found that other brother. The truth always shows its face in time. I hope one day you find a nice
girl and have a little family. Because now you know what not to be like in the World. And don't think about
things so much. It will cause an inner stress to the body. And that will make everything (the viruses) 10
times worst. You giving those entities that much more power. A virus is a living thing, an entity alive. Do
not feed it. Stress is your greatest enemy. Don't think so much and watch something relaxing on TV (a
movie or something, go play with your computers) or go read a book, if you like to read. And I don't mean
a medical book either (or the bible). Do something that makes you happy. It's a good thing ! Talk later.
Reply continues ... Subject: PS. -- To: Dave -- References: 1
PS: Interesting. I never give anyone this much time. The Universe must really care about you a lot. Just
put in to it. And don't give up ... ever. Now that much you owe me. But like I said. "The Universe must
care an awful lot about you." If you have been talking to it, obviously -- it wants you to know it hears you.
You are not alone, even when you think you are. Like I said, go do something that makes you happy.
Stick to it. And ... Focus on that !!!!!!! (The above also goes for all of you who read this and got this far.)
Subject: Why has it taken the FDA this long to get only this far. Date: Nov 2002 -- References: 1
I wondered if you would figure out it is called Rebetol, by some sources. See what the FDA will "require"
to let it be registered. Okay for you to go across the street I "require" you pay me 50 cents. Is that really
what is required to cross the street or the way it really is ? Or is it because such is "force". They allow
you to know only what they want, when they want ... the way they want. All this product info may seem
new to you. But it is all old old shit to me. I know some people -- with cancer (and in trials, experiments)
in 1985 - 87 ... the interferon combination mix goes back that far. The Ribavirin is now into a 20 year thing
(cover up), and in this time of trying to save face (pardon the pun). You think they can answer for that: a 20
year delay. So why has all this taken so long to get out this far ???? I think you are learning the mature
definition of "the system." A more profound word: politics. I know. Playing politics with people's lives. I am
still waiting for the so-called system to help people. Provide for people instead of taking from people. You
have your own knowledge -- now add "your own common sense" to the mix and look. You are getting even
more of that thing I have been telling you about. "All The Wiser." Like I said, don't think about things so
much. The stress levels will go (probably are) through the roof. Go do something fun ! Really. You'll be a
lot happier. Remember the FDA is "a Business." You are talking about life. Also it was the FDA and CDC
who maintained information for years saying, officially: "ONLY" ... "haitians, gays, and iv drug users CAN
CONTRACT A.I.D.S". --- sure .... I'll sell ya the brooklyn bridge for 20 bucks, want to buy it ? Hello, West
Nile Virus they also said "kills only the very young and old." Yeah and people ranging from 26 to 60 died
across America all summer, 2002. You should recognize when the Universe is: waking you up. Use your
common sense and take advantage of it. All the time. Richard david Renda / Editor-at-Work.
Subject: hello. From: Totally Cool -- TotallyCool.NeT
Do you see some of those Drug Industry prices ???????? Words repeated, as I've said: It is about big
biz, profit, not your health (or future well being and productivity). Mexico, 40 / 60 dollars a box. I am an
investigative journalist, amongst other things. So I have no choices but to look at every thing and every
point of view. Personally, I can only present the information. Judgement is held at a Higher Court, The
Court of The Highest Order. All things are connected. Hear it is going to be warm this weekend. Think of
this World like the movie: Tron. And what happens in the end ??? Lots of love. Take good care. Totally ----

This is for those who need information. It is strictly for educational purposes
only. And to document the Life and times of ... A Traveler through Time and
Space. The "Choke Hold Survivor." a/k/a The Official Editorial Authority.

Written from the hand of ... The Pen. The Word, absolute. Enjoy life. And respect
life -- without reckless disregard. Or it may not respect you. You can pass this
on to whomever may need it. The Power of the Universe brought it forward for
you, to help you and your family -- and your friends. We bid you good tidings.

Best advice: find a good doctor you can "trust." Talk with someone. They will help you. There are some
credible people out there. (SEE BELOW)
Subject: Simplex Virual Information -- Mon, 05 Aug 2002 22:XX:21 -- From: Rob
Have any of the cases you know of been tested again after taking Ribavarina and found to be negative ?
Also, how long did they have to take it ?
The Reply: I do not reveal that much about their lives. I can only say they did not suffer reoccurrences.
Most people do not get tested because by Law if there is a positive test the doctors are generally required
to report you to the CDC and have any individual of same placed on a government list. If you are a smart
person you know what that means. Is there anything specific I can tell you or help you with ? Sorry I can
not do more. Richard
Subject: more info -- Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 01:XX:02
From: thewatchers -at- -- To: dos interrupt
Dos Wrote: I saw a URL for an organization called CellCare. Sells 100 200 mg tablets for 29 U.S. dollars
-- ever heard of em ? Is it a good deal ... and is it illegal to buy this stuff ?
The Reply: Never heard of them. Buying any pharmaceutical drug without a prescription in the States
would definitely be illegal -- I would think. And quantity -- the more purchased gets into more trouble. I
may be incorrect on this, but if you ask an attorney they could tell you what the Law is. I can only share
with you the knowledges available. For more precise advice on "the Law" just call any Lawyer in the yellow
pages and ask. Now for the good part. It is illegal to buy it in the States (only because of FDA limitations),
but it is ... Not Illegal ... to purchase it over the counter in other countries, namely Mexico (and in Europe, I
hear also). You can purchase it "over the counter" in any Drug store there. Saw some boxes people went
to get. It will say ICN on it, boxes were white with navy blue stripe and navy writing. Goes by the product
name "Vilona." I know of or have heard from lots of people who needed the help. Either they went or a
friend or a family member. Like a vacation or a party. Best shared knowledge is: it is absolutely legal to
go to Mexico, just buy the product, and bring it home -- as for personal use etc., etc. But do more reseach
on the product to see if it will be right for whomever. And if you can talk to a doctor. Although most know
very little if anything about this. Its pretty hush hush. Even with the web. Many people I hear of have gone
to L.A. and drive to San Diego and go to Tijuana from there for the day or the evening. I know some just
pop over the border anywhere in Texas or what gets them to that Mexico store. Like I said: you can just
purchase it "over the counter." Like asking for milk or jelly -- as I am told. Once a friend told me they
went for someone -
walked over into Mexico - Tijuana. (Parked the car in the parking lot on the U.S. side).
They walked around two square blocks until he got the best price. This seems to be the easist way (and
probably fun). All reports I know of say the same thing: there are no side effects. That is interesting too.
No headaches, dizziness, or nausea. The source people who shared the University Study results, they
say you do it for ten days. Then do none. After that ... The next time you feel what they call the "buzz"
coming on or any redness then you do it again for 10 days. That is the way. Everyone tells me the same
thing. They have gone for years without a problem again ... following the second dose (10 day routine).
But remember if you come in contact with the Simplex virus again you will get
reinfected. You do not build an immunity to the virus. The vilona does not do that.
What makes it so you can bring it back from another country is a law that was passed allowing this. "For
personal use." I don't know if they will change that provision anytime -- but to date have not heard of it
occurring. Not a politically wise move. Also it at least gives people some chance to help themselves, if
they can. This is a World with many strange things happening. As you see. So there it is. Well, hope this
knowledge will help you on the road to find out.
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Section 3:
The Uncontrolled Environment
Real Life
This is a final update. There are a few things to say. One -- no one is selling you anything here or trying to
sell you anything. What you have just experienced are the true life stories of what happened to real people.
If you get something out of it then that is a good thing. Two -- is Ribavirin a "cure" ? Many who have gone
this road will say "yes". The peoples who brought the Hopkins University trial studies forward and who
brought it to this writer will say "yes". Then there are those outsiders that will say "no". We should look at
this a bit more in depth. Those (aside from the researchers) that have said "yes" - have used the product
and got the desired results they wanted. Never to see the blister cold sore again. Those who say -no- have
to examine their own situation further. If they have a violent variation strain (a/k/a the mutant strains) of the
simplex viruses then maybe their problem is bigger than they think. Also, maybe they did not complete the
process as others have told of it. For example, got an email from someone who said they did not find the
results they wanted. They stated they took it "exactly" the way it was told. 2 times a day for 10 days and
then ... 10 days later ... again 2 times a day for a second round of another 10 days. For a full 6 months that
person had no outbreaks at all. Then they had a outbreak. First off, it was not clear if this was oral or a
more violent genital outbreak. When we talked on it -- that person realized
and admitted they did not do it
"exactly" as people said -- or as they made claim to. They did it for 10 days, waited 10 days and just did it
again. But anything anyone said was, do it for ten days then ... wait ... "until" and if there is the next
outbreak and do it again. The next outbreak could be around 10 days later or it could be 3 months later or 6
months later -- or even maybe not at all. We want to remind everyone who reads this that when our study
first started (not all that long ago) there were 10 million Americans infected with the simplex virus. In the
year 2004 certain studies indicate there are over 100 million Americans infected. Who is educating whom ?
So look at what is and look at reality. Can a virus have variation strains or mutant strains when you mix it
now with 100 million people ? Common sense can give you the answer to that. You have to make your own
decisions, the decisions that are good for you. You decide. Also if you want to learn something about your
own history ... this is a fact: for more than 5 full years the actor Ronald Reagan, as President of the United
States, repeatedly told the whole world "You CAN NOT get A.I.D.S." ... "unless you were gay ..." -- This as
you now know is and was truly a major major Lie. A lie that did hurt people, a lie that cost people their lives.
Think how many individuals could have been saved if the authorities had told the truth. There are many
people who have used the Ribavirin and many in other countries. None of them are complaining. And
noticably -- they are looking pretty good.
There is something more to say. If someone claims they experience "side effects" from the Ribavirin I would
question that much further. Because all the research and case studies confirm there are "no side effects". If
you have A.I.D.S. or another virus in
your body intermixing with the simplex virus you should discuss it with a
doctor (or a priest). That most would consider: more complexed. But this story does not end so simple. It
ends like this. Received an email from a person that wanted to share a piece of knowledge. They provided
an address they wanted us to look into. It was an address to secure the Ribavirin without traveling all the way
to Mexico. Another person took the address and ordered 5 boxes (summer 2004). The fact was they got
what they ordered. When the boxes came and were examined and the lot number looked at we found it was:
the real thing. All The Pen can do ... is tell you what the email said. It was exactly this:

If anyone wants to put another person down for trying to help other people, know this -- Life will remember.
Wishing you the best.
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