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The File is almost closed. "Dave" wrote:
Hi Richard, Funny you should mention the knot under the shoulder blade thing. I have a knot in my spine for
a week or two now but i have had back problems for a long time and in that spot. I want to thank you once
again for your help and taking the time to reply to my questions. I just have to tell you this -- My doctor really
kinda blew me off and changed the subject real quick when I mentioned the emails I sent him on the Vilona.
At the end of the visit he just keeps saying "come back in thirty days". Then again ... I could be wrong about
him. He says he wants some history on me and needs to keep seeing me to monitor how things are going. I
get these red spots on my penis that don't hurt or weep or do much of anything except maybe get a little
rough sometimes like psoriasis. You know I've really got something screwed up going on in my system
because after about 28 years old when I had sex with a girlfriend my system kinda went out of wack. I started
getting a little excema spot on my back and several on my penis and a small spot on my skin over my ribs ...
something screwy is going on. Some kind of virus i guess. And now HSV. Isn't life just full of wonderful
surprises. I guess I should of gotten married but then again I may be divorced with kids if I did that. Life
seems like it's all obstacles. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. It's a sick World we live in.
It's all about money. I guess it's just what they call "getting ahead". We live in modern times and to have the
things we have it takes money and labor and business. Hey by the way, here's a little about me. I am a 33
year old male. Electrician. I am an outdoorsman. And I have built a few computers. I used to mess with
computers alot. I come from a dysfunctional family and I just met my real father. He's dying of cancer. I found
out I have another brother and a bunch of other relatives. I grew up in a foster home because my mom
ditched me ... it messed up my life big time because my stepmom was a real nasty bitch......yackitty yack
and all that crap. Take Care Richard and best wishes. Dave
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The next Reply:
The answer to the first understanding is you said it all. With respect to the Hanta virus, they say, you can
not get it from touching another person. However, the by product -- the attachment of the virus to dust and
other things in "uncontrolled environments" (non Lab conditions) made it that the spread can reach epidemic
proportions if a handle is not got on it. Cough and have virus bourne saliva attach to anything and then touch
it. See what happens. From humans to humans non transferable, but there are other carrier properties that
are second level as opposed to direct. The same with the Simplex virus. If someone has an open sore and
wipes their hand on it and then goes and leans on a table, the virus is active on the table. Some might say
no but then you find many not telling all. Fact is that certain circumstances have shown that virus existing
up to 72 hours on items. Yet, that is not really for public knowledge. And remember many things are left
that way as to keep any panic at controllable levels. Backs can be a problem. Yet, if you have the right
tools to do what you need like a desk, then when there are aches (because you know it is not from the work
sitting position) you could tell better if it is related to other things -- like the movement of the Simplex virus.
You are not wrong about the doctor. You saw what you saw. And that is the posture. I have seen doctors
respond on that like that -- especially when someone brings me and the info into the picture. See they know
you now know what no one wants you to know. So, like I say -- don't play their game, just know they are
playing it. And you do what is good, right, for you. Yeah, he needs history and to keep seeing you -- think
of the costs. And also think he is making his BMW payments. So there's how. This is why they call it:
"the system." They suck you in knowing you have no where else to turn. Try the lysine diet the way I gave
it to you and see if you find greater results. That will tell you who knows what. All about good information,
help. And not bullshit based on hollow assertions. I once had a fever 105 degress literally for nine weeks
straight. It suddenly occurred 3 days after a dentist appointment. Every doctor I saw - lots of the qualified -
I asked if could it be caused from a tooth. The answer was always "no." I was dying. Lost 30 pounds and I
only weigh 140 -- could put 2 legs in one pant leg. So finally I listen to no one. Spoke to a dental surgeon
on the west side. He confirmed what I thought. We pulled the tooth and a week later 98.6 and I gain all the
weight back in less than 10 days. Right ! After surviviing 9 weeks every day at 105 degrees. So many
doctors are short on reality and good on making sure their dreams are paid for.
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