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The Magazine
At Totally Cool we are happy to say "the Universe does things in a big way."
It also has its ways of making Life fun, more interesting to say the least.
With the help of contributors from many points of view we will walk
the journey of these times ... to smile and to laugh. And to
remember there are people who care about your life.

Extended deadline - appropriate in many ways. Tallest Woman in the World ? sent by Dave O;
Play My Guitar from Jethro's Punny Pics; and computer madness ... Sabina.
Let's continue. Go Forward ... stay
plugged in.
We said the magazine was PG
Section 3:
appearing on the web: The Women's Brazilian Soccer Team. This is a
work of Art.
Created by the Universe. Of Of A Kind.
For The Sport of It
Move over Sports Illustrated ... appearing on the pages of History ... this is The Women's
Soccer Team from Brazil. Shot by Playboy.
Go Forward
and ... Smile
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