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Lysine - Amino Acid. Available in major Health and Vitamin Stores around the
World. A Lip Session (balm) with vitamin E to keep you a bit more healthy and
you're ready to go. Eat Greens and Salads. Good for you and your family.
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
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The MagaZine
Subject: little more help - Date: Thu. Nov 2002 00:32:XX -0500 -- From:
Dave wrote:
Thanks for everything. I am presently taking lysine and red marine algae. I sure would like to get my
hands on some of that Vilona. I have the means and money to go to Mexico but I'm still a little skeptical
... it sounds too good to be true. Although it couldn't hurt to take a vacation. What are the side effects of
Ribivarin ? Also I read that an Alferon n injection is a good thing to get in combination with the vilona. I
was even thinking of getting the black box and magnetic pulser (blood electrifier). I just don't know what to
do. I saw my doctor today and he didn't prescribe any more Valtrex which I'm not happy about. I've had a
few genital breakouts, 2 in the past few months. My lips bother me all the time although the symptoms
are not visible to other people "thank god". My lips sting and ache and the nerves are inflamed. I do get a
little cold sore on my mouth now and then but it's usually not too visible. I really would like to try the black
box and the vilona. I just need a good reason to go through with it ... Mexico is a long ride for me. I live in
New Jersey. The blood electrifier stuff ain't cheap either.
The Reply
Happy to help. Side effects are none -- from what I have heard, from people who have traveled the road
and from what the official medical reports indicate / reveal. Mixed with interferon there are some slight side
effects. But the mix is not for this. Use for a "Deadly" virus, if you know what I mean. Forget the red marine.
It's a holistic thing. Straight up: to gain control of a situation the Lysine diet goes like this. 2 to 3 meals
a day -- red meat 3 to 4 times a week with greens. (Greens are very important. They support the Lysine
breakdown throughout the system. A salad with lunch is very very good. 1 - 500 mg 2 times a day for 3-4
days (usually that is good enough) and then -once control is at hand (may take 5 days in really heavy
situations) reduce the daily intake to 500 mg a day. (Half a tablet 2 times a day) take lysine in "the middle"
of the meal for best results. No drinking (this will get everything active: no drinking alcohol). No chocolates
or peanuts. The body will get strong and build up its own immune defenses to help the boost. You help
the body. It helps you. Other than that there are no restrictions. This is fail safe. Evenso, the diet must
be maintained: every day. As far as the vilona, I only know what works and what does not -- evidence in
the peoples (many) who have made the trip. There is a specific way of using it for achieved result. I think I
sent it to you. Save yourself some money. If you have a friend in L.A. have them take a quick ride. Others
have gotten it sent over from the West Coast. As far as I know, many people "have" traveled the road and
now they smile all the time. But the way you take it and the repeat process is the secret to effectiveness.
And if you follow the lysine diet the way I just gave it to you I think you will be very happy. I think the
cocktail of things is causing you more adverse reaction. I have worked with and helped many many people
over the last 2 decades. I see no one complaining. It sounds like Simplex 2 in both locations. Beware,
the U.S. doctors are about selling you the drug industry and it is more about treatment, not resolve. This
way they keep ya as a customer. It is part of the system. Not necessarily, part of a compassionate
human race or part of the solution. The Lysine Diet is information as the alternative.
Do not mix and match. These things work very specifically. If you do the black box, do just the black box.
If you get the vilona or maintain the Lysine diet ... Take a route. The mix may just aggravate the situation
more and cause the virus to run wacko inside the body looking for a place to hide. Like under the right
shoulder blade. When you feel the knot under the right blade that will tell ya the virus is on the move. Saved
tens of thousands of infected people on (censored) alone. And many more there I don't know about and in
(edited). One time I watched a drug dealer (very sick) infect more people than you could imagine. I helped
him, and saved him from committing suicide but I also I shut him down. If you smoke Pot roll your own
joints. Do not smoke with anyone who has anything that could possibly be or does look like a sore. Even if
they say "it is just a cold sore." That's bullshit ! I do not go for miracle things with this matter. It does not
help anyone. A virus is a real powerful life form. It takes a real thing to combat that. This is the best of the
best. Don't be burdened with the trip. Get a friend from over there. Maybe they can do you a half day favor.
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