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Ribavirin a/k/a "Vilona". Available outside the U.S.A. since 1984.

Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
The MagaZine
Now I ask only one thing of you. Please take care of yourself and the World around you. Do not infect
another person or other people just because someone infected you. There is always a balance. And for
your own information, Mark did get his. Also he learned to roll and smoke his own blunts and never went
from circle to circle infecting others again. Let's just say: Life paid him back in many ways. Karma.
The MagaZine
Here we go. Enter the email file ...
Subject: hello -- Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 -- From:
Dear Richard,
I must say I was very happy to find your website. I researched the information on the drug Ribavirin and
needless to say not only was the info accurate but it also spawned an extensive study concerning the drug
itself as well as ICN pharmaceuticals. I now plan to make a trip to TJ just like (others have). Since Ribavirin
is available only by prescription and FDA approved in mild doses for children with certain respiratory
illnesses, acquiring the drug leaves me unsure of an optimum dosage amount. I was hoping you could
provide me with some helpful information concerning this predicament of mine based on the experiences of
your case studies. I might mention I myself am infected with herpes and am seeking a cure. Any info you
could provide me with will be subject to research and greatly appreciated. Thanks !
Barbara - you must have also learned the Ribivarin (aka "Vilona") is not available even by prescription,
except for what you specially mentioned or part of some hush hush medical or laboratory trial.

Date: Wed. 19 Feb 2003 19:XX:17 -0500 -- From: "censored">
How exactly does this ribivarin work and are they cured of it when they're done ? What is the process ?
How much do they take ? For how long ? Do they test negative for the virus when they are done ?
Dear "censored" -- Many people would rather not get tested because of the fear that the government which
has come to be known as "Big Brother" has a file somewhere.
A note to the reader. These -real- people went to another editorial content provider who wrote a story that
led people to go on with the adventure of pursuit. Bringing each here. This is the first story on the Cool site
that we have done with regard to this subject or anything like this. It would be more preferable to write this
story as a third party story. However, that would not be possible. Here you get it ... firsthand.

Sep 2002 -- 35:21 -0700 -- From: Light <> -- To: Richard
Light wrote:
I just read something on the net about Ribivarin. I live in California and would love to get my hands on this
treatment for myself. I'm just wondering how long the treatment lasts, where to get it in its pure serum
potency, and whether it eradicates the hsv-2 virus permanently. Please let me know the details. Best, Light

Reply to Light --
Have to go to mexico -- and it can be purchased right over the counter under the name "Vilona". No
prescription necessary, no questions asked. Very simple. Make sure you are getting the real thing. Here
... I will add something I wrote to someone else. Maybe it will help you on your quest. Email: I wish I can
tell you more. But I can only give what are of the facts I know. I know from what I have seen in the people,
and communities I have helped, the results for sores around the mouth and lip area are excellent. I am not
sure about what happens below the belt. I can not obviously "see" what is fact there or not. I can tell you,
if it is the real product, those involved in problems below the belt have told me "it works." And I can not
begin to count how many people have reported these same findings. Whether it eradicates the virus
antibodies from the body the lab testing is hush hush. One girl told me she has been without any problem
for over 2 1/2 years now (and she, trust me, had a heavy problem - very intense - below the belt). I can not
and would not make any promises. I can only try to help with all the knowledge I have gathered. I did a 7
year health study and 4 years investigation "Viral Strains and Its Unsuspecting Victim." The government
put me, literally, in a choke-hold to stop the work. As you can see, much to their surprise, I continued.
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