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Now ... the story and the facts are all put together for you. And you have more knowledge. (You are at this
level all the wiser). Let's go back to the point of this story. Many people ask questions about the Ribavirin
and the herpes virus. They are many times the same questions. Here you can find some answers. Do
not come back to me to argue whether this information is true, or, whether you believe it or not. Your belief
or anyone's "belief", in this arena, has nothing to do with matters of fact. This information is long standing
and does not care what you believe. If it or you can help someone that is good. Also don't waste your
time or mine arguing a defense for the pharmaceutical industry. They make products ... Logically, they put
a lot of money and research into the development of whatever product they create. They have to "sell" you
to recoup their investment and further: make a profit (even if it is not in your best interest). Many medical
professionals know that many drugs prescribed today are making a number of viral strains stronger and
more developed by creating a higher resistance in the virus. Like I said, they have to sell you their product
or they are out of business. Also, if you have a product that can cure one million people you only make the
profit on one million sales. However, if you "withhold that product" for some years and wait until 10 or 20
million people are infected, you make the profit on 10 or 20 million sales. Which sounds more lucrative ???
Hummm. Wait. Think about this. Now if you withhold that product some more years until 70 or 80 million
people are infected how much profit will you make on how many sales ??? Remember how I started the
story: Ribavirin has been available over the counter in Mexico since at least 1985. And Americans can not
purchase it in their own Country where it is made. How many people do you think were infected with the
alleged "cold sore" or other forms of Simplex (herpes virus) since 1985 ??? 50 million -- more ? Okay, so
now let's help someone. As human beings we can only share with you the information and the stories /
adventures of human life. You make your own choices in Life. To all those who have written emails and are
awaiting this ... here are your answers. And know this story would have never been told. It was done for
you. Why ? Because someone cares about you and someone cares about the Universe. Whether other
people like it or not. That is the only reason. Before I go on I do want to say that over the years I have
been physcially beat (and much worse) by The People who did not want you to have this information. So
understand it comes to you at the cost of great peril to my own life. A very high price paid. Do not take it
for granted. This is serious and no joking matter. If you think it is a joke just look at one of your own family
members or friends. Do you see the cold sore ? Do you see a sore on their lip ? Do you think they were
born that way ? Mother Nature did not give you the virus. Some careless person did. The Word is serious.
These people could not use the information. It would have been an "insider" thing. But they knew ... give
me the information and I would run with it. What was this information brought to me ? It was a drug (hush
hush) called Ribavirin. It was tested. With a report and study completed. But it was said that it was being
intentionally withheld. The drug's intended use was to cure hepatitis. Yet, it worked for other things. As it
was said to me (if you know how to use it) "it is an absolute and unequivocal cure for herpes." I quietly did
the research and verified the information. Then I brought it forward. Others took that information and found
it useful. Some helped friends. Some helped themselves. And that is the story (the short story). Then in
the 1990's there was an event in the 4 Corner States. It was deadly. It was the Hanta Virus. People were
going to die and the spead of this virus, in an already volatile environment ... could be of serious concern.
Nothing would help the people. No treatment responded. It was doom. The U.S. Government decided to
go for a last ditch effort. They flew Ribavirin in to the infected in a concentrated IV form. It worked. And it
saved lives. In 1999, as a final closing to that Millennium and mankind's hubris the mosquitos came to
make a point. West Nile virus. It caused encephalitis, the swelling of the brain -- in the young and old,
male and female. And it had spread from New York City and Long Island, across the whole Nation of
America by the end of the summer of: 2002. Going forward it will continue on to South America. As well
as North to Alaska. In the same manner it went from New York north to Canada. And what else did the
people learn regarding this West Nile Virus carried by the American Mosquito ? Nothing could cure the
West Nile Virus encephalitis. Nothing. Except one thing. Guess what -- Yes, as a fact it was the
Ribavirin. So as we can see, there is great credibility here.
Can not do a story without having an example of the real thing. This is the
Ribavirin box. Sold over the counter in Mexico ... (to help people).

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