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Under The Water falls ... Rosa Cha swimwear
has got it in the bag. No, really. They do have it in the bag. A
young company that has caught the eye of both -- people at the
water's edge and those looking for style in the fashion Industry.
The Rosa Cha line covers a range of swimwear from "the sweet
and sexy bikinis" to those alluring, more covered up, one piece
creations. Some of the one piece designs you might actually
think are at first glance -- a bikini. As we will soon see. Unless
you work in the core of the press world the public never does
get to see much of what really happens. This is where you get
a peek and do get
a certain point of view.
Under the Water falls ... Rosa Cha Swimwear. Featured here is
the Bikini Top with the Photo Print image.
P.S. I am not allowed to
say that my Model here is Karen. But I am allowed to say: Thank you. The
Lensman ... Richard Renda.
Rosa Cha for the year 2003
offered a special service. Bring
them a photo print of some image
that you love and they would put
it on a bathing suit for you. Plus,
the bathing suit comes in a bag.
Not just any bag. A handbag.
One that you would recognize if
you saw it. So if you are at
poolside or at the beach and you
see the bag ... remember, it is not
the bag you are seeing: it is the
bathing suit. Rosa Cha. (If you
happen to see who owns the bag,
you will see what's in it.) How it
Rosa Cha swimwear can be found -literally- in numerous stores worldwide. In France, the United
States, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Korea, Africa, Mexico, Portugal, and of course -- in the home
country of Brazil. And that is just to name some of the where they are sold. Lower left is a photo
print an editor used for her Rosa Cha bathing suit. Lower right is the print on the bikini brief itself.
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