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Totally Cool
The Magazine

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International Inc. aka "T.C. double I." Published by
Last Minute Productions. For further information:
212 695 Cool.
Laurie Schechter
Editor - In - Chief
Lana Kritskaya
Advertising Director
Karen Bressler
Paul Haynes
Senior Editors
Gianni Klab
Art Director
Chung Lee
Jason Reiser
Editor - at - Large

Richard david Renda
Editorial Director

Daniel Tewolde
Promotional Distribution
Stacy Kritskaya
Editorial Assistant
Sabina Les
Special Projects Editors
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and T.C.I.I. All rights reserved. c 2000, 01, 02, 03.
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SuperSonic Media
Public Relations
David Hebble
Erica Viecelli
Arts & Leisure Editors
Alexander Mah
Technology Adviser
Agathe Fay
David Jacquot
Associate Editor
Daniela Groubechlieva
Products Editor
Totally Cool
The Magazine
The Music Credit:
Battlefield of Love
Lenny Kravitz
on Virgin Records

Rhonda Erb
Executive Editor
Richard Spiegel
Photo Editor

Photo: Heathrette
by Dominic Bolton
Tanya Martinez
Field Editor
Tim Fischetti
Erica Kandler
Health & Beauty Editor
Jean-Claude Nedelec
Food Editor
Photos: Heatherette
on the Runway by
Dominic Bolton
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