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Eyes On The World
A Matter of
People Faces
and Friends
Special Section
September 2003
Spring 2004
Fashion In New York
September 2003
"Media Alert"
The After

As we all travel - down that road - histories and adventures to a story known as "I Can't" are to be told along with the
story of "The Power Trips." Freedom and controlling peoples' lives. The bridging of Communities with the outside
world or playing the game of selective treatment. Some individuals think their dominance over people gives them a
sense of superiority. They forgot the words "entrusted with." It is all about ... how some learn and how some do not.
For now we are going to have a Party of our own. With People Faces and Friends. "A Matter of Histories" continues.
Here there will not be much in writing while volumes will be spoken. This world is "Not open to the Public" -- but --
you are invited. Come on in. We will try to show you as much of the World you live in that we can. This is A Chapter
of The Fashion Community's Fashion Week in New York. Time is limited (for the moment). We are trying to finish a
solid decade. And we are ... almost there. It is easy to make this story happen. It is about people. A Picture does
speak more than a thousand words. Guaranteed. We will add to this party from time to time. Of course. We never
start the party without a sense of security. So -- let's start the party. The Chapter Closes, ever so slowly. The pretty
woman above is one of The Men In Black (Citadel Security). We know she is not one of the men. That is obvious.
The Closing of a Chapter
There is something
really Fun going on here.
But no one is going to tell
what it is. Watch the
expressions on the
images below.
Images by
(A big Hello to all
our new Friends
and to those we
call "Family."
There are many
new things
added to this
section, plus the
... much more to
come. See ya
The After Party - A Matter of Histories.
Fashion In New York September 2003
"Media Alert" by Richard Renda
We are not telling you what
is happening here at this
very moment ... now you
go and enjoy the party.
Because it continues ...
The Closing of a Chapter
I heard there was an After Party. Hey ... I brought music and a Disc Player.
Can ya hear me. Now. (Where the bitches at --)
Are you
Movie ?
A Legend
in Time.
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