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This is another one of "The Men In Black" (a/k/a Citadel Security, NYC). On Location
at Bryant Park in The Fashion Tent complex located behind the 42nd Street Library.
A Matter of Histories. We know she is not a man. But and however (she's more fun).
Alright we know the score here. Not going to say anything. Just look
at the picture. People Faces and Friends. The word is. Expression.
Images by Richard
Eyes On The World
Special Section:
Doing the job right is looking like you enjoy it. Someone
has to do it. It has something to do with Style --
This square is dedicated to 1 particular
white collar gold badge New York City
police officer. We had a good (profound)
conversation. Would have had your
picture here even bigger. Someone
picked up that afternoon at 57th Street
and 11th Avenue (1 p.m. Wednesday
September 17, 2003) took ... stole the
Sony VX 2000 video camera from the
backseat of the Taxi. It had the tape with
you on it in the machine. Plus other
special things. Wish you were here.
People Faces
and Friends
A Matter of
Histories ...
The Cast of Characters.
Fashion In
New York
The Men In Black
Where do they get those Suits ???
Hold that pose ! Ran all the way across
the Lobby t
o get this shot.
by Richard Renda.
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