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"Media Alert"
Fashion In New York
September 2003
Here the Press Photographers
are waiting to get into the next
fashion show on the schedule.
There comes a list. Will they
get in ? If the Fashion / Clothing
Designer cares about what is
the general public -- they will all
get in. There is an interesting
9/11... 2003 Oscar story here.
TULEH Spring 2004
Moving forward.

Just to give credit
where credit is due --
all the photographers
that had credentials at
this show were invited
in. None left out. A
designer "worthy" of
buying their clothes.
Moving Images
by Richard

Spring 2004 -- Maurice Malone -- On the Runway.
In New York City. September 2003.
Captured moment by Richard Renda.
A Matter of Histories.
The Cast of Characters.
- The Closing of a Chapter -
"The Cast of Characters"
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