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A Magazine Alive
People Faces and ... a really good story - "A Matter of Histories" - The Cast of Characters.
This is the love interest. Every good Movie has a love interest. This is not The Kiss
almost. This is THE KISS. We have dozens of more People Faces and adventures to
add to the Characters and The After Party. The Movie begins with Sunglasses and
(never mind). We'll tell you later. To be continued. The Closing of a Chapter ...
The beginning of a New one. It is about -- To be Lived. Now to "Slice The Pie."
Editorial Music Credit:
Danny Saber / Marco Beltrami
Immortal Records

"A Matter of Histories." A moment Preserved.
- A Matter of Histories -
"The Cast of
The Chapter Closes. Not Yet, Not Yet !!! Now the Party begins ...
by Richard Renda
Eyes On The World
Special Section:
Ahhhh ...
You can not have
a Story without a
Love interest.
Where is the love
interest ??? Okay
this is almost
getting a kiss.
That's close.
image by
The Kiss, Lisa
Lisa, Richard
Speigel reflecting
Cool. images by
R. Renda --
What do You see ? How do You feel ??? A matter of expression, emotion. People Faces and Friends.
This is where it just begins. Stay tuned.
It is your History, The Community of
Peoples. In a World of Adventure.
We all wear Clothes.
What am I going to wear today ???
Where are my Sunglasses and ...
Media Alert !!!
The After Party ...
continues by
Richard Renda
and Friends.
Roland Mouret
In The Big
Totally Cool
"The Decade of Fashion"
2003 / 2004 R. Renda
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