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Did you ever see a SWAT Team pose to get shot ??? They are the one's who are supposed to do
the shooting. Here the roles are reversed. And they are going -- to get shot. Watch.
Like we said -- these guys would talk to just about anybody passing by. No matter who they were.
(Lynn ... We are teasing you.) That is not just an anybody. The Lady is Lynn Hayes - the 7th on
Sixth venue manager. But what are the men really thinking about ??? (Never mind.) She's cute.
Images by Richard
Eyes On The World
If we are going to give you the
feeling of being at a Show then
we must have a Show of our own.
Hey, that's
our seat !
A Matter of Histories.
People Faces and Friends
The Cast of Characters.
The SWAT Team interacting with the Community.
Part of The Fashion Community. And they have
serious Accessories. Asking them what they were
doing in our Sandbox, the answer was: they came
for a Show ... "A Show of Force." Do you think that
German Shepard knows he is going to get shot ?
This deadly cast
of characters were
in a sense: Cool.
These guys would
talk to just about
anybody that
walked on by.
We can
see that.
We wanted to take this moment to give the Police Department some good attention. The point here is
that "not every cop is: a bad cop."
They are individuals. It is only what they choose to do ... to get paid.
Inside and under the uniform somewhere there is a human being within. You see this SWAT Team was
friendly and interacted without being (too) threatening. But trust us, if these shooters had to put a bullet in
your head and blow it right off your shoulders ... they would. It's a dirty job but someone is going to do it.
So, in return, they get paid. (It is only the cover-ups that get them in trouble with the Universe.)
Strike a pose. Here is the Shot. Wait wait. What is happening just below. That is SWAT saying
(would you believe this) ... "Totally Cool ." Read my Lips. C -- o -- o -- l ...
The Legend lives ... N.Y.P.D. moments ... by Richard david Renda
way -- Totally Cool .
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