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Richard Renda

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On Every Page There Is
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... your volume.
A Magazine Alive
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
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What A Wondeful World
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Cast of Characters. A Matter of Histories. People Faces and Friends. The closing
of a Chapter. The beginning of a week. And the good people in it. The Vogue
Fashion Week kickoff Party. Beginning "The Next Decade of Fashion."
Captured moments by Richard Renda. Special Thanks to "Seimens" communications.
The Phone is Cool. Clear as a bell.
You know who you are. Thanks for being there when it was (him) who needed you. Big Hug.
People Faces
and Friends
Eyes On The World
Special Section:
As the fashion Tents
were being erected
behind the 42nd
Street Library and
it said "The Tent's
Tenth" it was Vogue
Magazine that held
The Fashion Week's
kickoff Party at the
W Hotel in midtown.
To Anna (Wintour),
SI, and Conde Nast
we would like to
say ... "THANK YOU
so much." For all
the goodness you
have done. Keeping
the Spirit of History.
Alex said to
say "Hello."
The Party continues. Where did you get those
Spliffs with the plastic flutes on top ? Oh. Moet.
In the DJ
Booth the
World keeps
Spinning. And
it never stops.
Here's looking
at you Kid
Maybe it is
just what's in
it. As she says,
images by
Hold on a moment. Was that "A Vagas Girl" posing. Thought this was a Vogue Party. Sweet.
Viewing the Perry Ellis Spring Collection for 2004. Anna Wintour Editor-In-Chief American Vogue by
Richard Renda. (September 2003.)
Fashion In New York
"Media Alert"
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