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Captured Moments
Eyes On The World
Special Section:
"Media Alert"
Fashion In New York
September 2003
A Matter of
Histories ...
The Closing of a Chapter
(Clockwise top left)
Bill Cunningham,
The New York
Times famed
Sunday Style
Section. Anna
Wintour, Editor
-In-Chief ...
American Vogue
Magazine and her
daughter Bee
Shaffer. Lynn - 7th
on Sixth staff. And
Bill Cunningham
with Anna and Bee.
People Faces
and Friends
Editor-In-Chief -- Anna Wintour and her daughter Bee Shaffer.
On the Runway. In New York City. September 2003.
Captured moment by Richard Renda.
- The Closing of a Chapter - (slowly)
A Matter of Histories. The Cast of Characters.
This is Geraldo
This is John immediately above.
Hey Robert -- how's it goin' ???
Hey Young
we got ya
covered --
Meet The Press.
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