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A Matter of Histories. On the Zang Toi Runway a Model stops to give Ivana a Rose.
People Faces and Friends.
Blue creation by Zang Toi. (Ivana -- tell Ivanka I send a
big hug and lots of love. Richard).
Toi Photographs by Eric Hason.
Russell -- you are much better at this picture taking thing than I.
It looks good on you. Okay what's that gadget in your hand ?
Don't think I didn't notice. You know better than that.
Eyes On The World
Special Section:
A Matter of
Histories ...
"Media Alert"
The Decade of
Fashion ... In New York
September 2003
People Faces
and Friends
See this line. Not often it is
this perfect -- in a row. It is
what would be called "The
Video Line." If you Cross this
line you are going to answer
to a ton of people. Some of
these people have been
there a decade.
That little Alligator at Work.
The colors of Lacoste.
Spring 2004.
images by Richard Renda
photo credit:
Eric Hason
photo credit:
Ken Rumments
Gaelyn & Cianfarani Runway
photographer Eric Hason
Oscar De La Renta Spring 2004
photographer Chung Lee
B Michael dramatics - Fashion History - image
by Richard Renda
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