The Official Editorial Authority
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4th quarter 2003
The Official Editorial Authority
"A Magazine In TV Land."
The Holiday Issue - 4th quarter - 2003 Cover
Totally Cool "A Magazine In Space" is rated "PG."
The Holiday Episode
Issue 2003
The Holiday 2003 Magazine Cover Saga. Going from season to season, as an Editorial Team, we make an effort to be
sure the dedicated Lenpeople who strive for perfection make it to The Cover. David Jacquot had never gotten The Cover.
He was to be: "The Photographer" for this season's pick. When we narrowed down our selections -- what we considered
the Best choices for this Holiday 2003 Cover -- there was a problem. The best was, as we noted: "selections" with an "s".
There were a number of images that we considered The Best. It was hard to pick a favorite or select just one. The four final
choices are shown here. We will explain some of what we saw in each. We want - you - to to be a part of all that happens.
That is the motive for telling you this story and showing you the choices. You can ask yourself which one you think is / was
The Best if you were faced with: what to do ? What would be your choice ??? Maybe you will feel the same. Maybe not. In
the end -- the Editor-In-Chief Laurie Schechter, Photographer David Jacquot, and myself (Richard Renda) mulled over what
we thought was a "Final." Choose 1 out of 4. So we did. That is what it is all about. Although, remember -- we all had our
own feelings on each one. If you would like to drop us a line and tell us what one of the four is your favorite Cover, which
you would have chosen ... be our guest. And -- no one said this was going to be easy. Wait until you see what happened.
There you can learn much of what is to be known as: The Edtorial World. The end results. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
So, what happens next is.
The Outcome.
(No one expected this. Beware. Beware.
There could be an Editor-at-Work)
Oh My My My
Not Bored ... He
said: Snowboard
Miss America
Baby's Phat
Sonic Vision
Takashi Murakami
Reversed Double Helix
and so much more.
Baby Phat - Autumn / Winter Collection 2003 - 2004. It is
easy to see why this image works well. She is very sexy (I
pick this one, I pick this one). The design of the garment is
well fitted to the body like it were a piece of art. And a slit
up the side always: turns heads. The proportions of the
image in Layout are excellent. The blur mirror quality of the
model in the background gave added feeling. Depth. Plus
there is space on the left side for placement of Copy.
Betsey Johnson - Autumn / Winter Collection 2003 - 2004.
This photo image (captured moment) has a fair amount of
room for copylines to be placed. The Model in motion and
the slanted angle of the runway made it feel as if the dress
was walking - dancing - right off the Cover. Pure downright
Fun !!! The bright cheery colors adding to the liveliness was
another big consideration. Also -- they who know anything
about effort have a great love for Betsey herself. Hard choice.
Here we have a selection from the Marc Ecko Menswear
Autumn / Winter 2003 - 2004 Collection. It presented some
interesting propositions in Layout. And it was Menswear on
the cover. In case it was feeling cold outside the image itself
made you feel warm just by looking at it. Consideration big.
But that story will be continued down the road.
Baby Phat - Autumn / Winter Collection 2003 - 2004. Well
well well. Look who it is. Fancy meeting you here. Oh my
my my Omahyra. This lady is more than a lot of Fun. This
Lady is major Hot. Hard working girl. Playful is one way to
describe Omahyra. Does the Lady growl ? The PETA File
people may have taken note of the fur warmer. Uh oh.
Call it "Creative Liberty." We hope
you enjoyed "The Saga Of The Autumn
Cover." And ... the outcomes. Life is
about what happens along the way.
Wishing you all the best of Fun. May
the good Dreams in your life come true.
We have much to do. We are busying
with the many preparations for the going
forward. You are all included. History
is calling. Float around. There is much
to see in this portal Vortex In Time.
Relax. Sit back. Take an Adventure.
All is told as the future unfolds.
The Autumn Cover,
photographer: David Jacquot.
Cover number 4 was chosen.
But you see, that is not what
Music credit: "Mary" - Love & Life.
Mary J. Blige. Available in fine
record stores everywhere.
"Something That Comes From The Heart."
copyright 1994 - 2004. All right reserved.

The Holiday
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