Back into the kitchen where the two ladies sat to chit chat and have a quick bite. A homemade lunch, instead of the
quick on the go take out eat while you're moving lunch. This was a rare occasion in Miss Chic's busy schedule,
even distracting. All goes well until Miss Chic notices that time just flew by while having lunch at the kitchen table.
Wow, a whole 25 minutes. She has to run; people to see, appointments to keep, phone calls, interviews !!! Too
much to remember, too much to stop for another second. It was time to leave her friend's house. "Gotta go, gotta
go. See ya later." Off and running, Miss Chic climbed into her black shiny Porsche. Onward to complete her event
filled day. But little Miss Chic-ness did not notice … her cell phone was not with her. She forgot it on the counter in
the kitchen, deserted on an island.

One afternoon a lady of chic qualities is visiting her friend's house for lunch. The lady speeds into the sprawling
grounds of this North Shore Long Island estate and parks on the circular driveway. Hustling her tall slender figure,
she walks around the back of the house and into the kitchen with her inseparable cell phone in her hand. Of course,
with the chic purse around her shoulder. (Everything has to be "Chic". Chic car. Chic clothes. Chic jewelry. Chic
phone. Chic job. Chic home. Just plain Chic. Everything chic. Chic. Chic. Chic. That was – her word.) She cries
with excitement seeing her dear childhood friend, "Oh ! Darling ! ! ! I haven't seen you in such a longtime." The Lady
places her cell phone on the island countertop in the kitchen and walks off with her friend for a tour of the new house.
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The Music Credit:
Here toThere
Richard Renda
on Piano
Private Stock Records

Cellie, a posh new shiny model cell phone – for a moment -- enjoyed a few minutes of peace. But eventually she
realized that the familiar pitch of her owner's voice was not among the people talking in this house. A minute, ten,
twenty… She was all alone. Forgotten, left behind. What should she do ? Cellie could eventually catch up with her
owner. After all, she knows her routes and routines better than anyone else does. Cellie is the only one who follows
her owner where NO ONE ELSE is allowed. And both, posh and chic go so well together. In fact -- it would seem
they can not live without each other. But where is Cellie's owner Miss Chic now ? What is this place --
these people -- this new environment ! ?? Cellie's never been here before and she doesn't know the way out.
"I am the MASTER connection in this house," -- insisted the cell phone yelling at Cellie, "I bring in and spread the
news in THIS house ! Now, who-- are-- YOU ? ! ! Are Y-O-U somebody's phone ? ! ! Are you lost – stolen – or just
left behind ? What are You doing here ??? Or, wait a minute, are YOU coming to replace M-E-E-E-E … ? That is
not going to happen ! With all the free minutes I have, games, calendar, and…and…and you should see MY
phonebook ! ! ! There is no place for you here ! You are too shiny, too skinny, and too new. Where's your antenna ?
AND … What's up with those stilettos ? You won't go far in those fancy shoes !"

Time is slowly passing by as the little cell phone, Cellie, hopes and prays that her owner will return soon. Another
second and phone calls will start coming. One more minute and her owner will have to make that one important
call to cancel another appointment, to call another meeting, and to make reservations for another dinner. One call
she'll miss and she won't be the first one to hear a scoop of the day. And without Cellie, it is very possible. What
a disaster ! ! ! Miss Chic has to realize Cellie is missing. But Cellie's owner Miss Chic -- is nowhere near. Now
Cellie's heart is broken. She still tries to keep it together. Cellie knows deep down inside that the love she and
Miss Chic have for each other exceeds their need for each other. But what if ???? ! ! ! Cellie has heard so many
stories of her friends who got left behind and given up for something else by their owner. What IF ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Oh no ! ! ! Lying on the kitchen counter Cellie is all alone -- with only one beam of warm light on her cold body.
"WHO are you ? !" Uh Oh. Sounds like the 3rd degree. Cellie turned around. Another cell phone was placed on the
same counter by his owner. Some tall dark man who just walked by. He must be the master of the house. Since
the other cell phone's owner left the room now the two cell phones were alone. "WHAT are YOU doing in my house,
Stranger ? ! !" -- the other cell phone kept on, -- "This is my table ! My kitchen ! My house. ! ! ! … My house … Get
It !" Cellie is a strong girl, but at the moment she felt very intimidated. Left behind. She was in a stranger's house
and this stranger was not so hospitable. "I am, my name is --- " Cellie wanted to speak.
The cell phone went on and on. He would not stop for a second ! Without proper introduction Cellie did not know
how to refer to this chatterbox mouthpiece. But one thing she knew for sure, she had to remain a lady. "May I -- I
would like – I would like to introduce myself. My name is Cellie. My owner had lunch here earlier this afternoon. I
assume, because of that meal which smelled so heavenly and that great conversation that sounded so consuming,
my owner ran out thinking she was late for her appointment. And she left me behind. May I ask your name ?"
Cellie is Lost -- left behind -- and
Miss Chic meets her childhood friend for
lunch on Long Island, New York.
Chatterbox -- giving the 3rd Degree, "Where's your
antenna ? And those stiletto shoes ... Huh.
Cellie, being very Lady like ... Boldly ...
introduces herself. "I'm Cellie."
Illustrations by Nina Lazaridi
With Every Turn Of The Page
There Is something
to hear.

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your volume.
c. 2002 - Totally Cool ®.
All RIghts Reserved.

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There is always
something to see

by Nina Lazaridi and Richard Renda
copyright 2002. All rights reserved.
Cellie's World by Nina Lazaridi and Richard Renda
copyright 2002. All rights reserved.
(illustrations at very
bottom of each page.)
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