Nina Chic walked in the kitchen, placed her purse near the Cellie, and walked away. Here's the purse. "Are we
going out again ?" Cellie checked, "nothing on the schedule." The Handbag is Cellie's home away from home
where she spends a lot of time traveling, receiving calls and messages. She has purse-mates too, but they are
not talking to her either. The Mirror, reflecting on the moment, noticed that lately Nina Chic had not been looking
into her as often as she used to. And Cellie's shiny coat resembles Mirror's silver glass surface. Plus the
Lipstick, the queen of any purse, is not being pulled out nearly as much as Cellie. She practically doesn't see the
light of day anymore because Miss Chic is too busy chatting with Cellie. So it would appear that because of Cellie,
Miss Chic gets distracted. The Queen of Lips blames Cellie for causing Miss Chic not to use her shiny berry gloss
every 15 minutes like she used to. But the Queen of Lips does have some competitors already, like: Candy Gloss
and Lip Balm (but Lip Balm has no real color, you might say you can see through her.) Then there is the Lip Liner,
the Mascara, Powder and Blush – and No. 5 – a crystal bottle filled with golden drops of jasmine fragrance that
their owner loves almost as much as she loves Cellie. All of the characters in this Product World had moments of
jealousy but somehow they learned to work together. Now there was another item in the bag. He was the Bigshot.
The Key Set ! He is irreplaceable and he travels from purse to purse from season to season. Cellie gave new
meaning to opening doors in communication. Even though that is all the Key Set has done his whole life – literally
open doors. And without him no one can get in anywhere. Of course the Wallet is another major player in the
purse – rich, very rich … and fat in content. Made of fine leather. He's a player with cards that can get you anything
anywhere. And everyone knows him so well. He has a great credit line no matter where he goes … "don't leave
home without it.". Visitors like the Water Bottle, and the "Cool" Magazine, or News Paper come and go from day to
day and month to month, with every now and then a Weekly thrown it. The magazine Miss Chic-ness and Cellie
like to read the most is Totally Cool ®.
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"But I bet he doesn't travel all that far" Cellie thinks to herself. "He can only walk around inside the house or out
onto the terrace. And he is so insecure he has to be hand carried around the house aside from having to stay in
range of the base station. No external earpiece is another one of his problems. He could not be as close to Miss
Chic as he would like." His base station was tied with a cord to Jack on the wall. And without it the Wireless
had no power or connection, even for one second. Plus this Wireless Family did not have a belt clip. So he could
never go out with Miss Chic. That made him a little depressed from time to time. Seems so sad for a newcomer
like Cellie to have so much more diversity and immediately win the heart of their owner. This is completely unfair !
Evenso, it is the new generation. But still everyone else had purpose. Which was a good thing. Because no one
felt useless. Lots of animosity and tension between Cellie and her housemates.
Cellie knows that all these talkers had conversations with each other when the Miss Chic was not in the room.
But they would not talk to Cellie. They would only talk about her. Cellie knows. She can hear them whispering
when they think she is not listening. How could she make them her friends ? She would certainly like to learn
about their lives before she came into this world. She could tell them also about the world beyond anything they
knew. Cellie could bring in the news that their owner Miss Chic was told about each and every day. And then they
would know all that. It was always new and juicy gossip.
Everyone seems to come and go. But Cellie, she came and stayed. Most of all what got everyone jealous was
that she became the closest friend Miss Chic had. Cellie is allowed to go where even the Purse can not. So…
what is Cellie going to do ? She knows that she is here to stay and she knows that it is exactly what everyone is
afraid of. She has to make it a nice stay, create peace, and turn enemies into friendly companions. How is that
going to be possible ? No one talks to her. With all these things around her she feels like the place is a dead
zone. Except for the little whispers. But she is cool. And she can be chic too. Evenso, "the time is always now."
Time to step on her pride and start talking. It's time to bring the home alive !
"Hello. Everyone, my name is Cellie." A moment of silence. And then … The Purse, Mrs. Vee Tonn picks up the
conversation. "Hello Cellie. I've noticed you've become one of my travelers. I've carried many things, but nothing
that looks like you. Who are you ?" "I am a cellular phone. Just like the regular one, but I can walk and travel with
our owner. I listen and talk."
"You know Cellie, I consider myself a well-traveled companion of Nina Chic. But I mostly travel from place to
place, taxi to office, airplane to hotel, and then I find myself left in the corner of the office or under the dinner table.
It's not as much fun as you might think. You get to spend more time with her than any one of us. Why is that ?"
Cellie's World ...
Mrs. Vee Tonn talking about her travels.
Making new friends is not always easy.
Illustrations by Nina Lazaridi
Special Section

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