"I believe I am much younger than you," Cellie said. It's time to stand up for myself and show him what I am really
capable of and who I really am, thought this brave little lady. Cellie continued, " I listen and talk. I have a 20,000
minute plan, I can connect to all the countries in the whole world. I can accept and send e-mail messages. I have
GPS. I am also very small and light and my antenna is hidden inside. You can't see it. But I can get a signal on
an airplane or underground. I also have games, a calendar, the day planner, an alarm clock. I speak 8 different
languages. And I get World News updates instantly along with the daily horoscope." How could Cellie, being so
much smaller in size, have so many more features than Chatterbox ? He was one of the first cell phones around
and so proud of it. Now Cellie almost put him to shame, made him feel old. Is he still the master of connection ?
Suddenly he realized he is not the only one around. There are many phones around. Although they are not
different, they are not the same. And now it appears the younger they are, the better. Chatterbox humbled himself
and continued on with a more inviting tone of conversation. He found out that Cellie's owner was a Fashion
Writer / Editor. Cellie told him of the places she has traveled, places she has seen, people she has met and
even some of the gossip she has heard. Chatterbox was extremely impressed. Names and events he has
heard about on the news Cellie actually got to meet them and participate directly. He saw this could be the
beginning of a good friendship. Swoosh… Cellie found herself in the hands of her owner. Shocked and ecstatic
she is at peace again and off to the busy day. But what about Chatterbox ? Will their paths cross again ? Ever ???
Back in the cozy luxury of Nina Chic's Louis Vuitton shoulder bag, Cellie found herself bouncing around on the
bottom surrounded by these other strangely shaped things. Cellie was starting to get very desperate to see her
owner. Although now she was happy. But a scared feeling had lingered from being in that strange house with
Chatterbox. She was still rattled by his tone even though she was trying to concentrate on the day's schedule.
I hope Miss Chic never does that again, leave me in the house of strangers – Cellie thought to herself. Finally
the familiar corner of the publishing house in "The City." This was Times Square. The where Cellie and her Miss
Chic spend most of their day "taking care of business." Lobby, reception desk, elevator, office… Cellie is definitely
back in warm hands of her owner. Both of them were happy. Reunited. Without wasting a minute, getting straight
to work, how many calls did Miss Chic not get … messages, possible meetings, interviews ? Let's check. One
message after another that Cellie had received and saved while she was having her conversation with Chatterbox.
Day and evening schedule started to take shape at a fast pace. There were many things to do.
We are having a meeting with Anna Win, the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine. The Future layout, new gossip,
fashion trends, and what's happening in arts, sports, the social life – it will all be discussed and … Cellie will
hear it all. Later, a meeting with a new Fashion designer. And then -- a preview of a gallery opening in SoHo.
Busy busy busy. Later on, dinner with a young ballet group from France. Afterwards, a movie screening with
a new talk-of the-town Spanish movie director. Crazeeeee busy already but not a minute to think about it.
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" Hummm – Grumble … Grumble … Grumble … Hummmm … I am Chatterbox." That is obvious, Cellie thought to
herself. Yet, she responded in kind, "Well it is awfully nice to meet you Chatterbox." Even though Cellie did not
exactly feel that way. She had to contain her manners. Cellie could see that his name surely fit the personality of
that cell phone. How could Chatterbox have missed the lunch date, with all that food that smelled so delicious and
that cool conversation, by choosing to go out with someone else in the house ? That is what he lives for ! ! ! Well,
essentially, that's what every cell phone lives for – a good conversation ... but "Chatterbox" especially. He loves
listening and most of all: talking. "You are a strange looking phone Cellie. Who and what are you ?"
All the staff members are in the Editor-In-Chief's office at the round table. Cell phones are off the table but Cellie
still hears everything. "We have to watch the numbers, the numbers. We have to watch the numbers." she hear
Ms. Win say. "What numbers ?" Cellie thinks to herself. "we are always watching the numbers, always. Without
the phone numbers no one would be able to connect with each other. What's this woman's problem ??? Huh !"
Cellie did not know Ms. Win was talking about the Magazine Circulation numbers, not phone numbers. Cellie
realized that even though you can hear someone talking, you may not know what they are really talking about.
You have to take the time to figure out what was going on. If you want to get it right ! Soon Cellie figured it out by
listening a little more.. This was a pre pro meeting. That is what it is called in the creative circles, a "pre pro
meeting": a "pre production" meeting. The what happens before everything happens. If that makes any sense.
Cellie's World ...
Illustrations by Nina Lazaridi
Miss Chic finds her Cellie.
In the handbag on the way to ...
The Office. OG Mag.
At the meeting with the Editors.
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