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The MagaZine

The Music Credit:
The Card I Sent You
Richard Renda
Private Stock Records

"Well… I work hard. I help receive and transmit information. Every time Nina Chic decides to make or take a phone
call she picks me. And in this day and age it is pretty essential to have information accessible to you anywhere and
anytime." "So do you hear all the news and gossip ?" Mrs. Vee Tonn asked. "Oh yeah, before anybody gets to hear
about it." Cellie happily replied. Everyone in the house started getting interested in the conversation now. Nina Chic
was in the shower. And she would not be able to hear a thing. Everything in the house is important, but Cellie is the
one with the gift. They realized she could be their constant connection to the world. "For instance, I know that Miss.
Chic has been dreaming of having you for a long time Vee Tonn, way before you came into this house" continued
Cellie. "In one conversation with a dear friend she said that she saw you being created and was going to special
order you. She had to wait for three months for you to arrive. She is very happy with you -- but don't tell her I told you."
Lipstick could not help herself and had to join in. "What about me ? I am the Queen of the purse."
"Well, I know that you have traveled all the way from Paris to be here with us", Cellie said. "And our little Miss
Chic-ness is excited about having this very important meeting with a Ballet Company from Paris. Symbolically she
is planning to wear you. She likes your shine and brilliance and thinks that you help her make a great impression
on people." "Wow ! ! !" exclaimed Lipstick. From then on she knew that Cellie and her would become best friends.
Lipstick with her passion for fashion knew that Cellie would give her the best gossip about trends, fashion, parties,
and her native homeland France. Maybe on their off time they could chit chat as girlfriends. The rest of the purse
buddies now spoke up and got involved in the conversation. Everyone started introducing themselves. And Cellie
was sharing the gossip she's heard and future events planned for all of them. Soon Cellie was a hit. She became
loved by everyone who lived in the Purse -- including Mrs. Vee Tonn herself. But what about all the other things in
the house, how did they feel ? If the purse Mrs. Vee Tonn got to travel somewhere, most of the other things were
kept locked up at home and only got to see visitors occasionally. Nina Chic did much of her entertaining out on the
town. Home was for the more quiet times. Unless of course Nina was throwing a party. And that could happen at
any moment. Miss Chic was like that. She would get a thought, an idea, and just act on it. If she wanted to have a
party tomorrow night, it would happen. That is when Cellie would have to work double time. She had mixed feelings
about that. The parties were always fun but she was always so tired. Miss Chic had a way of wearing her down.
Cherry Wood Table started talking about guests he had an honor to entertain. Pioneer, the audio system, played
the latest tunes he's heard. The family of Paintings, who also just hung around, told stories about their creators and
all those who stared at them for a long time. They had a vanity thing going on. The Persian Rug shared stories
about his relatives from the Orient and the Middle East. Wide Screen, the TV, was also an information center. For
years he kept his housemates informed about World News and offered entertainment about many leisure activities
…sports, art, and music. But he could only deliver information, never reciprocate. He felt superior to Cellie – he
had a bigger screen and clear image. And his images came through with brilliant colors. Cellie hasn't told him she
has a color screen too. But with all that he had to offer he still could not escape the apartment or go on the same
adventures as Cellie did. And of course e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e could hear the computer in the bedroom making noise.
Blub blub, swoosh, dong dong ding. No one knew what his problem was. He kept trying to save everything.
Always processing it all. But his heart was in the right place.

Finally, Cellie's long-time great great Grandfather spoke – the stationary phone. He was also tied to one of Jack's
family members. But Cellie's other relative was the one who gets carried around the house, maybe as far as the
terrace of the Loft if he is lucky. Yet he was not one of those who felt so insecure. He had been close to Ms. Chic
for a long time. After all, he is one of the "Elder" connections. Having overcome any animosity Wireless told Cellie
about the communication roots. Cellie and all in the house listened with tears of joy in their eyes as the Wireless
told about their great great grandfathers migrations and development. "But", he said, "They were a big wire mess.
Not like we are today. Some of them had to swallow coins to make a connection. And they did not taste all that
good. Very metal like." This is when Cellie learned for the first time about her roots. It was a reunion of the old and
new generation of communication. They both had something unique to offer. Irreplaceable. Very sentimental. All
of a sudden Cellie found a close relative she did not know existed and a house full of new friends. They had a new
future ahead of them, with old stories coming from different eras and parts of the world. And now with adventures to
be shared by Cellie. Cellie was all juiced up, powered to go. Tomorrow is a brand new day. And maybe an evening
at home where more stories will be heard and told. Now to get ready for all that it was time for everyone to get their
beauty sleep. A Peaceful ending to a busy day. And a beautiful beginning to what would be – "Cellie's World."
TO BE CONTINUED… CELLIE'S WORLD by Nina Lazaridi and Richard Renda. Illustrations by Nina Lazaridi.
No part of this works may be duplicated or reproduced in any form without written permission from the authors.
Cellie's World
Where Everything
Comes Alive !
Cellie and Lipstick becoming friends.
The TV has a lot to say.
The Handheld telling stories of
"way back when ..."
A Peaceful Ending To A Busy Day
in ... Cellie's World.
Illustrations by Nina Lazaridi
MORE to come.
Stay Very Attuned !

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There is always
something to see

There is more for you
to see, going forward

c. 2002
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